Vet for our sick cat buddy.

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 Our very beloved pet cat Buddy, has been sick for months now. We aren't really sure why and what's wrong with him. He may have an infection but to be sure we want to take him to our local vet. Sadly, we cannot afford to take him as we have a lot of bills to pay and kids to feed. We love him dearly and want to see him get better. He is bleeding out the eyes and always itching it. He's red all over his face with awful cuts. Our dear Buddy is getting old and all we want for him is to have a nice end to his life before he goes over the Bridge.  We have had him for years now and it would be very nice to see him happy and healthy again. We need at least 200 dollars for the vet bill and any medicine and food we may need to keep him healthy. Thank you.

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