V Goes to Support Migrant Shelter in Mexico

V Goes to Support Migrant Shelter in Mexico

From V Lozano

Hey Everyone! For those who don't know me, my name is Veronica (or "V" for short). I am raising money for my study abroad/field placement in Mexico. Please help me raise money :)

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Update #1

about 1 year ago

I'm so happy to get my fundraiser off to a good start! ❤️

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First and foremost, I want to thank you for reading. 

For those who don't know me, my name is V and I am a currently a Masters student at Loyola University in Chicago. I am SO excited to be able to be given this opportunity to study abroad and also do an internship in Mexico where I will be living with the nuns and supporting their shelter who supports migrants from Mexico and Central America who are migrating North for a better life. I will start at the end of May and will be there for 2 months. The shelter is called CAFEMIN. This shelter provides different resources including overnight shelter and meals for those in need.

I have yet to meet my goal for my school/ trip needs so I'm trying to do a BIG push to meet my goal. So here it goes:


(A bit me for those not in the loop)

I am currently a medical case manager who supports 40+ youth and women living with HIV at a clinic but have been working with many at -risk / vulnerable populations, at different capacities, for 10 years and counting. When I'm not working full time, I'm also going to school full time and doing my current internship at a mental health / substance abuse clinic. You will also find me being a part time, voluntary, chaplain and Community Resource Lead for UVC Edgewater on the weekends or when "on call". (Yes, my schedule is pretty booked. And no, I'm not sure how it happens. It just does.)

I want to say I work very hard / selfless to not only support myself but my education (of course, with the help of loans.) I also work even more hard to keep my health the best I can as an individual born with a physical disability and with many health needs especially after my accident 2 years ago that hindered me more.

I also work hard to be able to support my parent's health as they've grown older and have more health issues than I can remember at the moment.

I live alone and so I do the best to make things happen for me.

(Honestly, if I didn't have a personal assistant as of the last few months keeping my place clean, my furbabies, a good working relationship with my therapist, and a bit of support from friends or family when they could, a great working relationship with my core medical team, I would be very unstable and all types of fucked up physically and mentally. These are the people who keep me well enough/ at times, alive, to keep me able to support the communities I love and cherish. But it also took allot of time to also build these things for myself and still takes effort and vulnerability to have these support systems continue to support me. MANY THANKS IF YOU ARE INCLUDED IN THIS DESCRIPTION).

This service trip means ALLOT to me and here's why:

- I'm honored to be able to be able to get a glimpse of what my parents had to endure to be able to give themselves and ultimately, their family, a better life by migrating to the United States and being able to be first generation here. I may be in very close areas of the actual path they took to get here and in the terrible heat, tired and hungry, both physically and emotionally, to make things better.

- I'm honored to be with these migrating individuals, especially during these fighting times politically everywhere and still making an effort to migrate to the United States to better themselves or their families.

- I'm especially honored to support youth who are often migrating alone and who may be fleeing because it's not safe to be LGBTQ identified.

- I am also honored to live very simply and live a life of service for 2 months amongst nuns who often are the one's taking care of most vulnerable.

- I am honored to be a disabled and not letting my disability stop me from doing this life changing experience (but also kinda scared shitless because it will be very trying as a disabled person)

-Completing this requirement will also allow me to potentially complete a a year long fellowship that focuses on health disparities in the Fall.


I'm asking for your support to make this trip be less of a financial burden so I can go make a difference in the world.

Are you able to go without paying for coffee one day of the week? (A contribution of 5$)

Are you able to pack a lunch instead of eating out one day of the week? (A contribution of 10$)

Can you go without going to see a movie this month? (A contribution of 20$).

Are you financially unable but may know someone who is willing to? Please share!

Any kind of support would be greatly appreciated and any left over funding (if any) will be put towards to cover my rent and some living expenses while I am not able to work.

Thank you for reading.

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V Lozano posted a new update:
about 1 year ago

Update #1

I'm so happy to get my fundraiser off to a good start! ❤️

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