USMC Veteran Burial Cost

USMC Veteran Burial Cost

From Sada Salazar

For a dear friend we just lost, LCpl Joe Castellanos (veteran). Not understanding how military services work, we weren't prepped for funeral home, service, transportation, DC's, embalming. The military covers very lit...

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On February 25 we lost a very dear friend of ours, LCpl Joe Castellanos (Joey), USMC VeteranW

Well here is our situation, our little buddy Joe was under the impression that his funeral and burial were all covered by the military and us not knowing anything about military just went with it.  Well after meeting with the military cemetery on 37 not a whole lot is covered by them ☹️ only the land they bury him in. So after running around and meeting with Trevino funeral we are looking at $4k to $6k.  With all that said we will have to hold off on his funeral and service until we can raise the funds needed. 

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