Using Gambling To Raise Money For Charity

Using Gambling To Raise Money For Charity

From Alvina Jennifer

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Fundraising for your charity can be difficult and seemingly impossible, mainly because it's about asking people to part with their hard-earned money. In uncertain times, the tendency is to hang on to every cent. Creating a fun experience is crucial in getting people to graciously part with their hard earned cash, and helping meeting your fundraising goals.

If people are having fun and believe in the cause, it becomes easier for them to donate more funds. One can organize many events to raise funds, from the tried and tested bake sales to more innovative ideas like gaming marathons.

One of the methods that never fails is a casino night or an event related to gambling. With a surge of online casinos, more people enjoy card games at home. You can use this to your advantage by getting sponsorship from an online casino operator like Unibet's online casino in Canada to help raise funds.


  • So before you start setting up your poker tables and slot machines, you must prepare appropriately for your event. And also, look at what options you have at your disposal.

  • Charity gambling is legal; charity gambling is a form of incentivized Gambling. A charity oversees gambling activities and uses the proceeds of those activities for charitable uses. 

  • Try to limit the amount of the winning paid out not to have to pay any tax. Even though non-profits do not pay tax, the taxman may want to tax the winners from your event. 

  • Ensure your event has the necessary permits; nothing would be worse than getting shut down for nin compliance.

  • Know and follow the rules around serving alcohol. If you are planning a family event instead, avoid serving alcohol. And know if you need a license to serve alcoholic drinks.


You can host a Bingo night, a gaming marathon, or a casino night. There are some options you can look at. The important thing is to cater to your patrons and the kind of community you are operating in. If your donors are mature, then maybe a quiet Bingo night would bring more money than a loud casino party. On the other hand, a Livestream gaming marathon might work better for the younger generation.

Casino Night

The great thing about casino night, apart from all the fun, is that you can add several other activities to the event, like live auctions and raffles. You can also get money from more than just the poker tables, and there can be a cash bar and catered dinner. 

It's best to get volunteers to assist with an event like this. It not only keeps your overheads low but reduces the amount of paperwork you have to file.

Don't forget to publicize your event; use all your social media platforms. Get a catchy hashtag and rope in your volunteers to retweet and mention the event on their handles. Social media is now the new word of mouth. With the proper publicity, you can even get a local celebrity who supports your cause to endorse the event.

Try to include various casino games in your activities, and not everybody likes poker, so make sure you cater to all preferences. Roulette is always one that gets the whole crowd going and is interactive. If possible, hire a few slot machines. 

The more realistic the experience then, the more people will stay the length of the night and spend more money.

People want to have fun while contributing to a cause they believe in, so if you bear that in mind for your next event, it will be a success. And if you doubt how effective these events are, remember how Guardiancon managed to raise $3.7 million in one weekend for St Judes Hospital

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