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Fundraising to maintain order and protect residents in the criminal areas of the United States by creating people's guards to ensure the safety of the population and business in especially criminally prone areas.

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Fundraising to set up a civilian security agency to foster and implement community-oriented policing in the high crime areas in New York, USA.

Community policing stands in contrast to a traditional policing model, in which law enforcement officers react to crimes, seeking to identify criminals and charge them as rapidly as possible.  Community policing places greater emphasis on developing relationships, sharing responsibility for creating safer neighborhoods and empowering individual officers to make decisions and resolve issues.

Given the myriad demands placed on law enforcement, private communities may elect to engage private security services to assist in promoting peaceful and orderly neighborhoods.  

There is no gainsaying that over the past 2 years, for a number of reasons, the crime rate in many cities and regions of the United States, especially in New York, has greatly escalated. Unfortunately, the police are not always able to cope with the current surge, given the reduction in funding for law enforcement agencies.

The NYPD report reflects the all too familiar resurgence of gun violence nationwide as states and cities return to pre-pandemic life.

Shooting incidents for May increased by 73% when compared to the same time last year, according to the NYPD. May 2021 saw 173 reported shooting incidents, compared with 100 in May 2020.

A sharp deterioration in the crime situation in many cities poses a great danger to the following categories of citizens:

  • People living in these areas;

  • Children;

  • Elderly;

  • Local business.

We like to live in residential communities or work in business districts that are peaceful and feel safe, and contributing to safer, more secure communities is one of the most rewarding aspects of the security profession. 

Against these backgrounds, we plan to contribute toward addressing security-related issues, with a view to make most parts of New York State as safe and secure as possible in the coming year. 

Our Development Plan:

The Development process will transcend three stages:

Stage #1.

Within a three months timeline, we plan to secure regulatory approval and licensing by relevant regulatory agencies in New York State and afterwards:

  • Setup of operational base/ office. Establish code of conduct and procedural operations manuals. 

  • Acquisition of operational vehicles, surveillance drones and other relevant equipment.

  • Screening, recruitment and training of private security professionals.

  • Conduct intelligence gathering and identify the most crime-prone cities and districts with New York.

  • Scheduling and deploying professional security officers to the respective private communities on a permanent or an occasional rotating basis. These include extensive foot patrols, bicycle patrols and vehicle patrols.

Timeline for preparation: 3 months

Note: Payment for services rendered by all stakeholders will be effected via our proprietary cryptocurrency. 

The entire process will be coordinated by a special Federation headquarters composed of security professionals.

Stage #2.

Within six months to one year timeline, we plan to secure regulatory approval and license to expand and operate in other identified cities and states in the USA.

  • Additionally, recruitment to cover new communities and states and decentralized operational base to cope with expansion 

  • Building a solid relationship with the police, other law enforcement agencies and the respective communities in New York and other states on intelligence gathering and sharing. 

Timeline: 6–12 months

Stage #3

Professional security services which leverage technology and databases can organize and analyze data to the benefit of their client communities. Consequently, we will develop systems and applications with a 6 months timeline that will include but not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced screening and recruitment process;

  • Enhance intelligence gathering in various cities of coverage and surveillance coverage;

  • Enhance connectivity between decentralized operating offices, security teams, the police and other relevant stakeholders;

  • Full automation of processes to ensure prompt response to emergencies; specific types of issues or crimes can be identified and targeted with proactive measures;

  • Problematic areas within a community can be addressed by the security officers’ initiative as well as tailored solutions implemented by the security patrol service.

Not only does this increase the value of the patrol service, analyzing data also is one of the most effective methods of improving the safety of a community.

Timeline: 6 months

What functions will be in the application:

  • Convenient recruitment of volunteers with instant registration;

  • Payment by cryptocurrency for the work of volunteers;

  • Coordination of groups;

  • Creation of groups;

  • Integration of the emergency response button;

  • Map showing the situation in real time;

  • Interaction with the headquarters;

  • Interaction with the police and doctors;

  • Parental control format (control of the location of your children and family members);

  • Help from lawyers.

Request to support our social impact project:

The Federation One is soliciting potential donors to support our community policing and safety project, to make our communities crime free and safe!


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