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URICT / JOY ORPHANAGE is an legitimate organization who help deserving orphaned children find a place in the world. Flying Man Productions has pledged to help raise funds for the Community School to educate 375 children.

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We live in an abundant world... most of us have and enjoy so much, especially in America. Even those who have little in the U.S. still have so much. But, there are parts of the world who struggle to even eat and drink (which is a god given right and necessity of life)... There are parts of the world with so much injustice, where HORRIFIC things seem to happen to our brothers and sisters every single day. It's hard to even turn on the news and hear of all of the horrible atrocities taking place on a global scale. Uganda, Africa is one such place. 

Everyday our friends at URICT and the Joy Orphanage in Uganda have to deal with malnutrition, disease, kidnapping, rape, violence and worse - child sacrifice.

This real organization, run by a beautiful selfless soul, Andrew Gabula, provides these deserving orphan children a safe haven where he protects them with his very life.  Andrew does this under great duress and self sacrifice... Why? Because these forgotten children DESERVE OUR LOVE. Gods Love. They Deserve to eat every day, they deserve to have clean water to drink, they deserve to be safe, they deserve to receive an education, they deserve respect, honor and love. 

They DESERVE our support. 

Just because they may live in Africa and some have HIV, doesn't mean they deserve to be tossed aside and forgotten. They, like you, deserve a chance. They deserve to LIVE, grow, love, and prosper. God put them here for a reason and I doubt it was to suffer.

Will you join me in an effort to support these HUMAN BEINGS... these beautiful children, so that they may receive an education and create a positive future for themselves? They don't need much, however a little to these children IS A LOT! We intend to raise at least $7,000 of which 100% of the funds raised will go towards providing books, supplies and materials for 375 Orphan Children

Help me, Help us at Flying Man Productions to raise these funds for the Children at URICT Community School so no child gets left behind. 

We have a very short period of time for being able to raise these funds... I ask that if your heart has been moved... to make a donation as soon as possible, in any amount that you find comfortable and that your heart agrees with. 

ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED: A kind loving soul, Maureen Bird has offered to match each and every donation to help us reach our goal faster. I am (Flying Man Productions & Enagic Web System) also donating marketing promo packages including custom design work along with some great products at www.MyKangenMarket.com for top level donations. So when you give you can get back! This is my way of saying THANK YOU helping me to raise funds quickly and to keep everything within the FULL CIRCLE OF LIFE.... giving is receiving!

So, the amount you give will go a long way... Please help us and remember that, YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE in this life... If you open yourself to JUST GIVING... without expectation... your returns from the universe will be far greater than any dollar amount - when you give from the heart it comes back to you 100 FOLD.  I know this for a fact. 

Thank you for your kind consideration. Thank you for sharing this with your social connections. Thank you for listening, thank you for caring...

Yours truly,

Eric & Darryl Prusak .:. Flying Man Productions .:. www.flyingmanproductions.com .:. eric@flyingmanproductions.com

"When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous".  - Dr. Wayne Dyer



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