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My name is Thomas, I am employed Part-Time as a Disability Support Worker and I am raising funds to pay for my dog/best mate's surgery.

Six years ago I traveled to Canberra and picked up my best mate. On the journey home, he vomited in my hand... I fell in love with him instantly. As the years went on, his bubbly and friendly personality captured the hearts and smiles of many. He is known for his big happy smile.

I have struggled with mental health for many years. Since Ghost has been a part of my life, he has helped me through very dark times. If not for him and the support from Lifeline and friends I would not be here today.

For that, he has a very special place in my heart and I owe him my life.

On Monday 12/26/2022 at 21:30, he suddenly began dragging his left leg and paw along the ground. I also noticed he vomited his dinner from earlier.

I was unable to afford the After Hours Vet, so I anxiously monitored him throughout the night with little to no sleep. This morning I searched for Vet's opened today and took him to the Lakeland Animal Hospital.

During the consultation, Ghost was assessed and in the Vet's Medical Professional opinion, Ghost has IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disorder.)

IVDD in dogs is a neurological condition that involves the spinal cord, the vertebrae, or backbones (the small, round bones that make up the spinal column or spine), and the disc material between each vertebra.

Recommended Treatment as per the Vet Consultation:

CT Scan, MRI Scan, Medication (Anti-Inflammitories/Sedatives) and immediate intervention Spinal Surgery.

I've put my car up for sale at a lower asking price in a desperate attempt to afford his surgery. As mentioned I am a Disability Support Worker and require a vehicle for work to afford daily living expenses and any ongoing treatment costs for Ghost.

The funds will be used for the following:

  • CT Scan + Anesthesia $3,500.00 (Approximately)
  • MRI Scan + Anesthesia $3,500.00 (Approximately)
  • Spinal Surgery $15,000.00 - $17,000.00 (Covered)
  • Patient Transfer Fees to & from Sydney (Covered)

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for supporting my best mate to have a better quality of life.

Cheers, Tom

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