(Urgent) Help me move

(Urgent) Help me move

From Alex Moon

I am fundraising for me to move out of a dysfunctional household and start my own life. My name is Alex and I am also a freelance artist.

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My name is Alex, which is all I can give.

For those who know me online, I go by mainly 3d-dragon/smokeing-fish, and often am called moon.

To cut to the chase, I need help again. Yes, I have asked for help before, but this should be the final time I ask for it.

For those who don’t know, I live in a bad situation. I am an abused, overworked, and sickly trans man, and have lived in a dysfunctional household all my life. Since I was born I have been forced to be something I’m not, and deal with trauma and abuse at the hand of the people who were supposed guide me in life. I’ve dealt with mental and physical abuse and am trapped here from them making me dependant on them.

I had given up hope on ever escaping until a friend of mine offered me a place to live with my cats, and after being yelled at for something I didn’t do….I decided to accept that offer.

I will be moving this mid-late summer to a new place in a new city in a state I have never been to before.

I will need help to keep the place stable as I adjust to a new life and find a job I can work.

Due to the nature of this move, I will be leaving behind things, thus funds are also needed for me to get a dresser,  a wardrobe, desk, and other items of the sort.

I currently am done work from my job and due to me moving will be sending in my letter of resignation soon, and the only work I can do is freelance artwork, but due to my health and this household always tries to work me to the bone.

Any amount of money raised will help me, and if I get a dollar or two from everyone on my social media accounts I would have a good chunk of what is needed for me to move safely.

Thank you for reading, and please boost this if you can.

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