Urgent - Help Fred Kross Fight Stage 4 Cancer

Urgent - Help Fred Kross Fight Stage 4 Cancer

From Freda Kalina

I am raising money for Fred Kross who is in a critical point in fighting cancer stage 4. He has been on a liquid diet for weeks and a pet scan shows he needs surgery asap to remove a tumor causing a partial blockage

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Here is an update on Fred!  The surgeon has cleared him to go back to the oncologist to proceed with chemo.  We are not sure what chemo treatment he will be getting since the last one he still had tumors growing and some getting larger.  He has applied for disability and even though he has stage 4 incurable cancer, they are saying it can take up to 7 months to receive.  He is not able to work at this time.  Please continue to pray and share this if you would like to help!  Thank you! 

Here is an update on Freds Surgery.  It went well but surgeon could not remove the tumor and he found several cancer seeds.   The surgeon removed almost 4 liters of fluid which explains why he  he was so bloated.  The surgeon says his colon and small intestines are not in good shape so he has to stay at the hospital for at least 7 days in case of any complications or infections.  After he heals, which will be about 4 to 6 weeks, he will get back to chemo and we are checking into other treatments because this chemo does not seem to be working very well!

This is Fred Kross and he is fighting for his life with stage 4 Colon Cancer.    For you that know him, know how unfair this could happen to someone that is such a kind and amazing man.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. As an attorney, I have seen him help so many people for Free.  He has always been one of the most giving person I have ever known.  He has 3 of the most handsome and nicest boys I have ever seen.  Their ages are 21,18 and 14.  He was a real estate attorney for years but got sick in 2017 and was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.  After surgery, 2 feet of his colon was removed and 2 cancerous lymph nodes followed by 12 chemo treatments.  After a pet scan in January 2018, he thought he was cured.  In August of 2018, he was having terrible pains in his stomach and really sick.  A pet scan showed the cancer was back and there were tumors all in the outer lining of his stomach and top of colon.  It was now stage 4 and incurable.   His doctor told him he would have chemo for the rest of his life.  On top of the cancer, he has diabetes which has caused a lot of issues. 

The chemo this time has kicked his butt. He has been so sick since last year but now getting worse.  A pet scan and ct scan shows he has a partial blockage in his intestines from a growing  tumor.  Some tumors have shrunk since the chemo, but some are larger and more have grown.   He has been unable to work since last year and for the last few years it has been a real struggle for him.

This man has been through so much and here is where I fit it.  I am his girlfriend and caretaker. I have been with Fred since the beginning of his sickness.     It took months to find out he had cancer because the doctors kept diagnosing wrong and saying it was just his diabetes.   I have had to drive him back and forth to the doctors and his chemo for the last few years.  He has not been able to drive in a while so it has really been hard for me to work full time in my real estate business as I normally would.   He asked me to Marry him on Christmas of 2018 and I said yes!   We are in need of help for medical expenses and trying to get him better. He needs surgery to remove the blockage.  He is in a very dangerous period right now.  This is a very risky surgery we are told.    We are almost at the drs or hospital every other day.   Hes getting fluids a few times a week since he is not able to eat or keep anything down.  We are praying for a miracle to help him! Please share our story and if you feel inclined to donate, we really appreciate all your help! 

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