Upset Little Hamster

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Upset Little Hamster

From Juanquita Greene

Ever since I've adopted her and took her home she's developed a habit of constantly chewing the bars of her cage at night

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At first I thought it was normal for her because hamsters - or any other rodent in this case consistently have growing teeth. It's healthy for them to chew on wooden toys or solid foods to regularly trim their teeth. However, in this situation it is not healthy for my hamster Becca Bean. Secondly, I learned that she is not psychologically well. She is experiencing stress, boredom, and depression - we can all agree that this is really discomforting for both people and animals. In addition, when hamsters experience stress or boredom - they tend to harm themselves by chewing on the bars of their cages. To clarify this, I mean they end up misaligning their teeth to the point where it can eventually grow up into their brain and then killing them. My mission for this campaign is to take her to the Veterinarian for her annual checkup - for those who have pets we all know how pricey it can be. Also, to get her a new, bigger and cleaner 20 gallon aquarium instead of a cage - that way this won't happen again. Leftover money will be donated to the Veterinary clinic of my choice. I want her to be as happy and as healthy throughout her life. I don't want her to be constantly stressed, depressed and sick in a small boring cage. It would mean the world for Becca Bean to have a better change in environment and it would ease my anxiety knowing that she'll be okay and happy.

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