Upcoming eCommerce Trends: What SaaS Companies Need to Know

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In the times when the world is going around by living in an online society, the SaaS market grows at an accelerating pace. When back in 2010 the SaaS companies could share a $10 billion budget, in 2020 they reached $105 billion, and in 2021 they are expected to extend the borders up to $141 billion. To be in trend while running a SaaS company, you need to follow its driving forces where eCommerce stands in the first position. The potential of using eCommerce’s power is immense when done properly. Read this article and uncover all the newest eCommerce trends to build a successful and prosperous SaaS company.

How Does the Market Become Personal?

The number of Internet users is growing within seconds and the number of their devices too, so businesses more often go to the cloud and more customers expect to do personal transactions. When most of the purchases are conducted online, users seek omnichannel access to get directly to the business from anywhere. The users' experience must be smooth and seamless, so customers do not get confused with a lot of actions. Since the omnichannel strategy is adjusted, more viewers will bump into offers everywhere they travel online. Thus pricing configuration, personalized data, and detailed segmentation will play the defining role in competition with other brands. The same norm among businesses relates to a 360-degree view. SaaS systems provide an easy connection to what the user is interested in. It takes less time and effort to get acquainted with the products and make a well-informed choice.

Customer experience demands automatic services: analysis, big data, and AI (artificial intelligence). Users expect natural interaction on eCommerce sites and that is why AI-powered techniques are the newest trend in giving intelligent help to the customers when there are not enough live agents.

What to Expect from XaaS Market Extension?

These days everything can be delivered as a service through the Internet. That is to say, the XaaS market spreads wider and wider, and customers expect productized offerings provided by top consulting services. Thus SaaS ecommerce platforms become a crucial element when companies decide to monetize their products. eCommerce trends become the first and foremost thing SaaS company owners should know about. It covers everything: from physical products and then transactions to cloud packaging options. Demands for goods on the Internet grow and both customers and businesses make a switch to SaaS platforms. They also rely on online services like consultation and delivery to do the purchase with ease.

Since shopping via mobile devices and applications changes rapidly, customer behavior changes too. XaaS no longer works as individual offerings but it acts complex with horizontal services that provide more people with the right suggestion the customers are looking for.

Will B2B Consumerization Remain the Same?

Users seeing the customers' experience of Amazon or Uber, for example, expect from other brands the same attitude to selling the services. Companies have to optimize interactions for the whole client trip. Software sales don't work for the possibility to get centralized buyers and build a long-lasting relationship with them for the single annual transaction. The B2B model of sales continues to grow and it brings more and more buyers who make an eCommerce trend an exceptional factor for building a profitable business. SaaS companies create many touchpoints that serve the users during the client cycle and lead to a sale, they propose self-services, various interactions before and after the purchase, they collect precise data and use it in personalized offerings.

Speaking about the rise in online shopping, we should also mention that customers' trust in buying things online also came to a new level. The users do not hesitate a lot and totally believe when it comes to money transactions. Platforms create customer-friendly surroundings, leading people to feel comfortable while making the purchase. With the comfortable conditions provided, there is no doubt that online sales will grow to countless numbers.

Also provides tips on how to simplify the use of various services. For example, if Amazon customers install vpn for kodi. This will give them the ability to have access from any location.

How Will the Payment Transform?

Due to ongoing eCommerce trends, the payment becomes more invisible. They are more seamless than ever before. While vendors make the payment strategy smart and simple, it is also transparent and reliable. Instead of pulling out a card during every transaction, customers experience new and intelligent ways to make a payment.

Paying from apps is one of the newest eCommerce trends. You can easily enjoy your food in the restaurant without asking for the bill and the waiter will get the order in your account in the application. Another popular trend is biometric fingerprint payment. It is similar to unlocking the phone or authenticating. Fingerprint biometrics became an integral part of the modern payment system and it has already filled the mass market.

In the Covid-19 pandemic conditions, paying by fingerprint is hygienic, secure, and individually protected. With the integration of biometric technologies, SaaS-based eCommerce platforms bring an unusual type of payment: selfie pay or face pay. Thus not only online stores but offline ones use this invisible shopping process technique.

The variety of payment options goes further and in 2020 SaaS companies met mind-blowing trends. The voice recognition function allows businesses to get money by using voice. Microchip stands for nanotechnology and it is aimed to be the payment of the future. Blockchain feature is also capable of the transparent, legal, and safe payment process. It also works with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Use the Effective POS System to Fit Upcoming eCommerce Trends

As the SaaS market grows and expands, companies will face new challenges. They will have to create real-time customization, personalization, and automatic features to make the entire client cycle seamless and effortless. But the truth is, all these new trends demand modern skills, expertise, and time. In order to discover what is really essential for your SaaS ecommerce platform you may consider using Revel Systems service. Company's professionals know how to benefit from the latest industry trends and take your business to the next level.


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