Help Me Raise A Free Tuition Online School For Poor Children

Help Me Raise A Free Tuition Online School For Poor Children

From Albert Mulles

Hi! I am a visionary, a free education-for-all advocate, an author & a brother in Christ. I am raising money to create free tuition e-classrooms and a universal online school for out-of-school youths and poor children.

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IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IT IS BECAUSE OF A PURPOSE. I have no expectation that this message will ever reach you. But if it does, I want to knock for your brotherly and sisterly care to do something positive for the less fortunate of our brethren in this world. It is that hope that keeps on burning deep inside me to REACH OUT TO PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO SUPPORT A LASTING AND NOBLE CAUSE TO LEAVE A LEGACY TO THE NEXT GENERATION. 

I am an author, a free education advocate, visionary and a teacher who want to start and make a difference. 4 years ago we lost everything to Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever to hit the world in the history of mankind. We lost our livelihood, and upon it, thousands of lives and properties of. From being a school owner before the typhoon to going into odd jobs after that including cleaning mud from warehouses just to earn a living. There were days when we have little to eat. But life has to move on. And I decided to move to another country in order to start again. But one thing remained, I promised myself that I will have to do something -- to dedicate my life to a far more noble of helping the less fortunate of our fellow human beings. How many more people in the world are living in abject poverty. Millions who suffer simply because they were not given the opportunity to something with their lives. But I beg to differ. The difference lies simply because they did not have access to something that could change their lives. And this is where I started to thinking deeply into a thought of “what if I share my talent and skills in IT and education, to provide access to millions of people where they can uplift their lives from poverty through skills empowerment”. But a lingering thought hovered. How will do that? The answer was simple. We already have the most powerful resource ever invented and that is the internet. If we could create a powerful universal online school that will certify and license thousands of people with limited access to schools, then that is something that will really be the and innovative thing to do. 

Empowerment through education will help change lives. And I am reaching out from the bottom of my heart. if you want to become part of this project, to do the most meaningful thing that you could do in the world right now, then join me and help me create this platform.

In order to maximize the facilities and resources that we currently plan to create, the online school aims to cater to thousands of out-of-school youths and poor children. The online school will also form a special component or courses for paying patrons in order to be self-sustaining and support the long-term scholarship program with a distinct character of its own. The online school will initially start to operate using donations for the first few months of operation until it will become self-sustaining. 

By combining all of the above needs and opportunities, the school will be able to certify and licenses thousands of out-of-school youths and poor children so that they will be able to utilize their learning into practical jobs or careers after graduation. 


Funds that will be gathered from this project will help pay the course developers, the online platform, the operations and support to volunteers. It will also help provide allowances to professors or teachers who will trek to far places to bring our mobile e-classroom. But there will be volunteers too including me. 

Long-term, the project aims to also have an off-site to cater to "mobile learning" where roving bands of "teachers without borders" will visit the farthest communities in the planet without access propagate education. 


I SPEAK FROM MY HEART. When I was growing up as a kid, I always asked myself 'Why do some kids can go to a very nice school and get the best teachers while many others go hungry and cannot even afford to buy a book for schooling?' If you share this same sadness, this same sentiment, please join me. Please join me to do what we can to give back to the children and our youth the BASIC AND UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO FREE EDUCATION. I am seeking sponsors who have a generous heart and who share the same advocacy with the ultimate goal of providing skills training and education to the less fortunate especially poor children and out-of-school youths. THIS IS A GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN PROJECT. I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE.  

This online school concept focuses on four main areas of interest:

1. A training and education mobile/online hub for out-of-school youths and poor children

2. The program aims to service and create an impact between 3,000 to 5,000 scholars in the first year of its operation with the long-term aim of providing certified and skilled graduates to about 2 million scholars in 5 years. 

An online school that will also be a conduit for international communication and cultural understanding promoting peace and harmony 

4.  A universal online school that will be at the forefront of innovative research and education.

This concept might be the first of its kind in such that it will be a tremendous asset to the community for several reasons:

(1)  it could provide a focal point for innovative educational programs and advance pedagogy research which can contribute to the country’s education advancement efforts

(2)  it could serve as a clearinghouse of information about the community at the national and international level

(3)   it could support the thousands of financially challenged students seeking to qualify for skills and training 

(4)  it could help the local community units by engaging in sound community projects

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