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Unity4Canada is a political movement born in 2018 of an insufficient and weak Canadian Constitution, which has left the citizenship with little if no voice, and left our sovereignty open for challenge from influences ...

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Gerry & Michele Introducing Unity4Canada 2018


We need a new Constitution, one that reflects and protects our values, and gives us, the people, more say in our futures here in Canada.

Myself, Michele Anne Tittler and my partner, Gerry Gagnon will be hosting live video streams on various social media sites, and we want you, Canada, to join in on the discussion on what YOU think should and should not be in our Constitution. We want to get a nation wide movement going, from coast-to-coast, everyone discussing a new Constitution, and what that would entail. We need a solid document that favours no special interest groups, whether it be based on politics, religion, race or history. #Unity4Canada is our goal, and we want everyone to consider the possibilities of putting our collective pasts behind us, shaking hands, and carving our a Constitution we can all be proud of, which reflects our hearts and values, and why people made the exodus to come to this great nation in the first place.

​Both Gerry and I are basically full time in politics, so this is all we do, or want to do. Gerry Gagnon is a political brainiac, so if you want to learn, contribute, or debate, please tune in, we're opening the discussion up to the country.

We are ever grateful for your support & contributions, and will work hard for you.

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