UniteusTribe Mobile App

UniteusTribe Mobile App

From Geri Chiaramonte

My Team and I are developing the UniteusTribe Mobile App to help connect people with cancer nationwide and internationally.

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Hello, this is Geri Chiaramonte and I want to develop this very much needed Mobile App for people who have been afflicted with cancer as well as for their families and caregivers. 

I have had 5 relatives who were victims of this disease so I have firsthand knowledge that cancer is a horrible disease and I feel that people who have cancer along with their families and caregivers need every kind of support possible. This Mobile App will allow people affected by cancer to be able to communicate and give each other support every day or as often as possible. 

It will have the same qualities that the other large social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin offer in terms of being able to communicate with a community nationwide. 

People who are undergoing treatment will be able to communicate and can be encouraged by people who are Cancer Survivors.  They will be able to receive much needed advice on how they might be able beat this disease from people who are in remission.


  • Introduce yourself and your background

I am passionate about developing the UniteusTribe Mobile App since I feel this Mobile App will offer a great deal of support to cancer victims. 

I obtained experience about the mechanics of Mobile Apps since I had previously worked at a Startup Accounting Software Mobile App company as a Product Specialist and it was affiliated with PayPal.

In addition, I also have experience working as a Junior Loan Officer at a mortgage company and also as an Account Executive for a financial firm. 

I have also handled administration for a large research and design engineering firm which was a Fortune 500 company and in this department I also provided project support for an engineering team consisting of 30 people.  

I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications from the California State of Fullerton.

My business partner, Michael Stannard will be providing Marketing expertise since he has 25 years of experience working at Specialized Marketing Services, Inc.  He was responsible for directing the organization’s growth from Startup to over $10,000,000+ in annual income. 

Currently, he is also running a full-service marketing consulting team focusing on helping business establish and optimize their organizations.  

I feel very passionate that the UniteusTribe Mobile App needs to be created as soon as possible.  Since there are millions of people suffering from cancer and I feel this Mobile App will make a big difference in their lives in terms of improving their morale and helping them feel that they are not alone. 

Families and caregivers are also deeply affected when a relative has cancer and this Mobile App will also have a category for relatives of people afflicted with cancer so that relatives can also receive support that they will need from others in a similar situation.

In addition, this App can also offer support to parents with young children who have cancer since they can communicate daily to each other with this App.  Being a parent with a young child who has cancer can be a very difficult experience, but with this App they can find and offer support in a community of people who also have kids with cancer since there will also be a category for “Parents with Young Kids with cancer.”   

Having the help of Contributors will be instrumental with developing this Mobile App.  It takes a great deal of money to develop an App that will be able to allow its users to communicate nationwide. 

And, I feel the sooner that this Mobile App is designed then the sooner that this Mobile App can start giving support to cancer sufferers and bringing them hope since they can now communicate with each other anywhere in the country. 

We really want to make the UniteusTribe Mobile App a reality so I truly need the help of Contributors who can See the Vision that this Mobile App will be the next Social Media Platform for million of people affected by cancer and their families and caregivers will also greatly benefit by its features since their will be a category for relatives and caregivers, too  

What We Need & What You Get

My App Development Team and  I am working with an App Developer who has experience designing Mobile Apps that can allow people nationwide to communicate with each other.  The fee to develop an App that can allow its users nationwide to communicate daily is $50,000.  I am working with an experienced Mobile App Developer in the Philippines.  The cost to develop a mobile app in the Philippines is highly cost effective and will help save with development costs.  The next step that is also crucial is to be able to aggressive market this App with a PR firm and through the different Social Media Platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. along with marketing campaign so that everyone in the country will know that this App exist.  We will be also reaching out to hospitals and cancer societies and organizations.  This will be an extensive campaign to ensure that cancer victims and their families are made aware that this Mobile App is available for their use. 

There will be several perks for donating in this crowdfund.


If we don’t reach our entire goal then we will seek one or two Angel Investors to help us because we feel convinced that the UniteusTribe Mobile needs to become a reality.  Later, with profits from advertising in this App we will donate funds to cancer charities and donate funds to cancer victims who seriously need financial support because of their illness.

The Impact

This App will unite people who are suffering with cancer and many people with cancer can often feel alone and that no one understands them and I understand this since I have had relatives and friends who have been afflicted with this disease.

But, this App will unite people with cancer and their families and help improve their morale because they are not alone.  And, this App will help develop a nationwide community of cancer patients, people who are cancer survivors and their families and caregivers.

I’m sure everyone in this country knows someone personally or has a relative who has this disease.  

This Mobile App will be a valuable tool to our country since our country has millions of people who have this disease along with their families who are affected.  The users can utilize this App to find connection with other people affected by cancer and to have a possible hope of recovery.  Especially, since they can easily easily have contact with cancer survivors for encouragement.

Both Michael and I combined have over 35 years of marketing, business and administration experience.  We both have previously worked for a couple startup companies.  We are seasoned business professionals who can successfully run this startup mobile app company.  And, our hearts are in the right place because we want to help people who really need encouragement and support.  

Risks & Challenges

Marketing this App nationwide can be an extensive campaign since we need to reach out to millions of cancer victims via hospitals and cancer organizations, but since Michael has 25 years running a marketing firm.  I feel confident that the task can be successfully done so people with cancer will know that this App will be available to them.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you cannot contribute right now, we would greatly appreciate it if you can please use the Indiegogo Share tools to let the world know that this App needs to be made!

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