United Youth International Summit (UNYOINS)

United Youth International Summit (UNYOINS)


In this harsh and frost time, a leader with a great mindset, character and attitude is an important asset that is needed the most on the current timeline. Not only that, but a united generation also may bring the best...

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 As the sound goes, there was a word of wisdom by a wise old man. A leader with a good movement might bring the light to illuminate thousand life and bring change to the world. As the word echo to the space of love, it is a piece of peace that have the possibilities of it become a reality. Orchestra was played for a symphony with harmony to be played, therefore this is the sight of the road to motivate people on having these three things as time goes on. In the nutshell, the mindset, character and attitude of a person determine the course of the journey in destiny on creating a positive impact.

Next, unity plays an important role not only in solving a problem but also in conserving world peace as a united heart may bring people together to bright. This is because the fundamental of united motion was able to find the middle ground without breaking the round and start diving the ground together as one. Therefore, a collaborative movement will make an idea into reality more easily as the fundamental of a collective mindset will make it possible. In the nutshell, unity has the biggest impact not only to unite humankind on finding a solution but also conserving world peace.

As the maestro conducts the orchestra and translates the composer olestra, an idea was found its way to our heart. The idea is an event called United Youth International Summit or in abbreviation form is UNYOINS. This event is a programme that consists of a five motion which is Convention, Sport, Voice (talk and dialogue), Festival and Booth. The age target of this programme is from 18-30 Years old which the youth age formula is. It can be achieved with an invitation of participation from universities, education institution and school. Whereby this is the target group for this proposition to be a success. They were targeted because youth is the future leader and if they unite, the future will be bright. Not only that, as the world progress forward, new idea were needed for us to catch up on the problem and find its solution.

In Conclusion, UNYOINS is an event that targets to be a programme that has a high density of starlight whereby the abilities to illuminate life.

When will it be?

We have planned for the summit to be organized in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Therefore we hope you may join us on the voyage to illuminate.

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