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UWGC and Brandon Carr have partnered together to provide schools essential tools to help improve reading levels in Genesee County.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 which will provide three reading centers in two Genesee County School Districts:

Flint Community Schools – Durant-Tuuri-Mott and Doyle Ryder

Carman-Ainsworth Schools – Dye Elementary

Why reading centers?

Well, nearly 60% of all fourth graders in the United States are not reading proficiently.  Compared to national standards, only 31% of Michigan third graders are proficient in reading.

During the 2013/2014 school year, 75% of Doyle Ryder third graders were not reading proficiently at grade level.  For the same academic year, 70% of Durant-Tuuri-Mott third grade students were not reading at grade level.

Lack of reading at grade level is not just a Flint Problem, nearly 60% of Carman-Ainsworth's Dye Elementary third graders were not proficient in the same academic year.

What will each reading center receive?

A Reading Center is a safe and inviting location in a school where students can enjoy reading together, learn how to make reading a habit at home and gain access to books year-round.

Each Reading Center includes: Nearly 1,000 books for grades PK-3, listening library, book cases, colorful bean bag chairs, reading themed carpet, stereo listening center with 4 headphones.

So what can we do?

Brandon has graciously started off this campaign with a $10,000 gift through the Carr Cares Foundation!  Please help us reach this goal by giving any amount you can to help us get there by September 1! You can also help by sharing on your Facebook, becoming a fundraiser and using #united2read!

Did you know Brandon Carr is from Genesee County, Michigan?

Brandon Carr was born and raised in Genesee County as a Flint, Michigan resident. He attended Carman-Ainsworth schools throughout his life and has gone on to have a successful career as a Cornerback in the National Football League. His mother, Kathy Carr, spent 33 years as an educator in the Flint Community School system. After seeing the impact that she had on her students, Brandon then realized the importance of becoming a positive role model and giving back to his community.  Through his Carr Cares Foundation, Brandon wants to help students become proficient readers by providing resources, tutoring, and implementing literacy programs.

“Being able to read proficiently is very important for a child’s growth,“ said Carr. “I want to be able to help provide the proper resources and tools to allow students to be as successful as possible inside of the classroom.  I believe the reading centers will be a great resource for students and also give them the opportunity to receive help when needed.“

The Carr Cares Foundation was established in 2012 by Brandon Carr, to create and support community based programs that focus on early literacy development and physical fitness for youth. The Foundation’s goal is to implement programs and provide the necessary tools to nurture young students to become proficient readers and live a healthy lifestyle.

Through his not-for-profit organization, Brandon Carr is committed to providing support and using his platform to inspire children. The Carr Cares Foundation has a desirable vision to promote quality education for youth in need of additional assistance.  Carr believes children are a symbol of hope for the future, and thus serves as a source of motivation for Carr to become a role-model for children and an impactful philanthropic figure across the world.

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