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We are raising stimulus funds for minimum wage workers living paycheck to paycheck to support the growth and development of poor communities, and escaping abusive labor practices and inexcusable working conditions.

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In a time where nearly 80.4 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, many of us cannot afford the luxury of staying home, and MANY who were previously on unemployment making more than they did on the job, have had forfeiture of their benefits with no choice but to return to underpaid labor to scrape by.

Until the United States takes action and raises minimum wage to $20, AND provides UBI stimulus funds to help us get through a pandemic, We the people will be building our own funds to allow people to grow savings and help get out of debt. We will be taking this action into our OWN hands.

This fund goal serves to build a stimulus of up to 10,000 USD each for 27,953 minimum wage employees across the country. Though a small start, gaining traction with this kind of incentive could be life changing for Americans if the movement picks up. 

The US has discussed the minimum wage raising to $15 dollars by 2024, but this is not enough. Labor does not deserve to wait any longer. The time to pay livable wages begins NOW. We will not settle for 8, not 10, not 15. TWENTY.

I highly encourage shares and donations, in the end, even if this fund goal isn't reached, our voices need to be heard. We are tired of waiting on hazard pay that won't come, we are tired of companies removing temporary "Hero Pays" and then trying to make us pay it back, essential workers deserve ESSENTIAL PAY. It is time for change.

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