Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

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Body pillows are just what they sound like—pillows shaped like the human body that you can cuddle with at night while sleeping to provide support and comfort. Though they’re not necessarily marketed as health tools, body pillows can actually bring a number of unexpected health benefits to your life, including helping to relieve back pain, improving sleep quality, and even encouraging more active lifestyles. Here’s how custom body pillows do all of these things and why sleeping with one has helped me personally!


If you suffer from chronic back pain, then it is no surprise that sleep can often be disrupted. The best way to deal with chronic back pain is to find ways to get the most restful and healthy sleep possible. One great way to do this is by using a custom body pillow.

Body pillows are designed for people who sleep on their sides or stomach and they provide full-body support that can help keep your spine aligned. For people who suffer from chronic back pain, this alignment not only helps them get good quality sleep but can also help reduce the amount of discomfort they experience during the day as well. A custom body pillow might just be exactly what you need!

What Is A Body Pillow?

A body pillow is a long, rectangular pillow that is typically used to provide full-body support while sleeping or resting. Customized body pillows are made in your desired size and shape, so they can be perfectly fitted to your needs. The most common type of body pillow is the C-shaped body pillow that wraps around your back and supports your head and neck as you lie on your side for sleep. This supports the natural curve in the neck, which reduces strain on muscles in the back and neck.

Body pillows can also be used for sitting upright during pregnancy or for propping up the head when resting at home after surgery. Customized body pillows allow for people with different shapes and sizes to find comfort in one specific design. For those who struggle with back pain, using a customized body pillow might just do the trick!

In an experiment conducted by Dr. Gregg Dember from Southern Oregon University, he found that participants' pain levels were reduced by 50% when using a specially designed C-shaped design compared to those who used other traditional designs such as cylindrical or wedge shaped designs. What's more is that all participants reported improved quality of sleep when using their own custom designed pillow!

How Can A Body Pillow Help With Back Pain?

Sleeping on your back is not the best sleeping position for everyone. It can cause pressure on your spine and lead to back pain. A custom body pillow can help you sleep on your side or front by supporting your head, neck and shoulders in just the right way. They are especially helpful for pregnant women who want to support their baby bump while they sleep. Customized pillows have memory foam that adjusts to your shape so you get the perfect amount of support no matter what sleeping position you choose.

A custom body pillow can also help prevent snoring. You should use one if you have any type of obstructive sleep apnea as well because it can make breathing easier by lifting the tongue off the throat so airways remain open. Memory foam pillows contain special properties that inhibit dust mites and bacteria which will keep them fresh longer than cotton alternatives do.

Additional Benefits Of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

Sleeping on your side is one way to relieve back pain. However, not everyone has the same sleeping style, so it's important to find the best position for you. A custom body pillow can provide support in areas that might be causing you discomfort while you sleep and make sure that your spine stays aligned. Plus, they're great for those who want to sleep on their stomachs because they'll make sure that your head is propped up just enough so that you don't suffocate during the night! If you need some extra help getting into or out of bed, these pillows will also come in handy. Customized body pillows are typically made to be firmer than regular ones, which provides extra stability and prevents any sliding around while you're trying to rest.

How To Choose The Right Body Pillow?

When it comes to choosing the perfect body pillow, there are many factors to take into consideration. The first thing you want to do is measure your height and weight. This will help you determine what type of pillow is best for your individual needs. For example, if you're taller than six feet and heavier than 300 pounds, then the answer is obvious: You need an extra-long body pillow that can support your entire length while propping up your head and neck so they're in correct alignment. Custom body pillows are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs, so finding one that suits your specific needs should be easy! Whether you have a stomach sleeper or sleep on your side, we've got just the custom body pillow for you. If back pain is what's keeping you from getting restful sleep at night, consider ordering a customized body pillow that can offer relief from discomfort. Our body pillows come in various sizes and thicknesses so you'll find something that suits your needs. All of our custom body pillows are manufactured using high quality materials and construction, as well as filled with comfortable hypoallergenic polyester fill to ensure complete satisfaction. And our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there; each order includes free shipping anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to place your order!

Some might think that body pillows are just for people who want to sleep on their stomachs, but there are actually many health benefits of having one. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends using a body pillow as one way to help reduce back pain while sleeping. A custom body pillow can help you get into the perfect position when you go to bed so that you don't have any tension in your back or neck. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and without any aches or pains in your muscles.

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