Understanding The Rising Threat of Cyberattacks on Non Profi

Understanding The Rising Threat of Cyberattacks on Non Profi

From Safdar Butt

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In today’s world of cybercrime and technology being anywhere and everywhere we go, many businesses and homes are now seeking to protect themselves, their profits, their identities, and much more from being hacked into and taken advantage of. With all the cyber threats out there, it seems that no one is immune to getting attacked. Even non profit organizations need to beef up their cybersecurity.


But why, why are hackers and malicious groups targeting the non profit organizations of the world? And what can they do to protect themselves and keep their data safe? This article is going to attempt to explain why, so let’s get started.

Non Profits Aren’t As Secure As They Should Be

Whenever hackers are trying to hack into a big business and steal money or hold financial data hostage, they often need to deal with teams of cybersecurity protectors, layers of encryptions and firewalls, and other defenses that can get them caught or locked out. However, non profit organizations have a much smaller budget, often don’t have security measures or teams in place, and are much much easier for skilled thieves to break into.


Because they don’t have the resources or knowledge needed to defend themselves from the cyber threats that can come after them, they are very easy targets. Additionally, because of the lack of security, many hackers can simply get away with targeting a non-profit and can often target the same non profit again.

Non Profit Workers Aren’t Trained In What To Detect

Many cyberattacks have to be invited into your system, rather than simply attacking from the outside. Clicking on a suspicious link, opening an endangered file, or even taking a work computer away from the system and using it on public wi-fi can all allow cyberattacks to get into your business and that can be the start of a bunch of headaches.


It takes training to determine what to spot and when to raise the alarm about suspicious activity in the world of online cyber safety. However, for many non profits, they simply don’t have the funds or the knowledge to properly train their employees about how to keep themselves safe online.


Plus, even if many non profits provide some training, they often don’t have a plan in place for what should happen when something suspicious is found. In order to better protect themselves and their business from cyberattacks, getting a plan is a must do, such as requiring your business to embrace zero trust for NIS2 readiness.

Nonprofits Hold Valuable Data

Finally, many non profit organizations hold high value data in their databases that they don’t protect seriously enough. Nonprofits hold a lot of sensitive data about their donors and their volunteers, such as credit card details and other financial information. All of this can make them a serious target, and many hackers can attempt to use this data for identity theft or credit card fraud, or simply can hold it for ransom until they are paid.


Nonprofits need to take the dangers of cybersecurity very seriously, because if they don’t choose to implement the proper security measures, all of that data could be lost and then found again in the wrong hands.

Cyber Security Needs To Be A Serious Concern For All Non Profits

The threat of cyberattacks is only going to get more and more intense as the world of technology and artificial intelligence comes into play. For many non profits to be able to survive and also to be able to continue helping the world the way that they do, they will need to take their protection seriously and beef up their cyber security.


By taking the time to get proper training, investing in the correct software, and always keeping an eye out for threats, nonprofits can keep themselves safe and can continue helping the people who need it the most.


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