Uncut Diamond Jewelry

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Uncut Diamond Jewelry

From Minaimran Aliseo

Consider buying these diamonds even if you come across the Beverly diamonds review regarding different gemstones.

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Uncut diamond jewelry is one of the popular trends in the diamond industry today. People love standing out among the crowd and uncut diamonds provide just that. There are different varieties of uncut diamonds available in the market that present the diamonds in a creative manner. Read on to understand more about the uncut diamonds instead of being misled by Beverly Diamonds BBBreview.

Congo Cube Uncut Diamond Jewelry Designs

Congo cubes rough diamonds are among a type of uncut diamonds. They are used for their rough diamond jewelry. These diamonds first originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo and hence the name. They are usually found in cubical shapes.

They are a mixture of uncut diamonds to select from. The best shape is said to be square rough stones. These are used in a wide range of jewelry like bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and bands. Since Congo Uncut diamonds are of natural origin, they have their own kind of charm. Note that they do not undergo any polishing or cutting.

Reasons for Choosing Uncut Diamonds

Several jewelers pick attractive rough diamond jewelry to go with cube diamonds. You can find a wide range of Congo cube rough diamonds ranging from a size of 1 mm to 5.50 mm. These are found in a vast range of colors including pink, orange, green, white, yellow, gray, and black. The reason why they choose similar diamonds is because these are very unique and uncut diamond rings cost much lower.

Most of the jewelers who deal in rough diamond pick cube diamonds which are not from gem trade. Hence, it is not possible to acquire shiny translucent diamonds in case you polish and cut them. as a result, they are much less expensive and are widely available.

Semi Grade Uncut Diamonds

Semi-gem grade is yet another type of rough diamond used in jewelry. These are brightly colored diamonds. In general, rough diamond jewelers make different designs depending on various profiles of raw diamonds. Jewelers usually attach silver or gold wire around loose diamonds to offer a unique appearance and a reliable grip. It is unique and hence it is in high demand.

Rustic Diamonds

Rusticdiamond is a kind of near industrial or semi-gem grade diamond. Rustic diamonds are characterized by several inclusions but they have a classic appearance. These stones are semi-polished and assume the shape of an icy uncut diamond. This type of diamonds is used as pendants and rings center stones. Sometimes they are used in earrings too.

In the previous years, several jewelers have included uncut diamond jewelry in their list of favorite diamonds. These days, people seem to like them because of their beauty. These signs are noted as just the beginning. It is predicted that these diamonds would become more popular going forward.

Diamonds are characterized by their unique sparkle and brilliance. The most critical factors governing their value were carat, clarity, and color. However, there has been a major notable change in the trends of diamond settings. This is the introduction of uncut diamonds.

It is important to remember that since ancient times, kings and queens have valued uncut diamonds very highly due to their beauty. They carry a vintage, earthy appearance. Besides, they have an appreciation of today’s jewelry designers. They have a high value owing to their natural looks and ability to create new designs and trends.

Uncut diamonds are growing in popularity as more people start to appreciate their true beauty. The fact that they can be used in a variety of jewelry makes them easier to use by jewelers. Consider buying these diamonds even if you come across the Beverly diamonds review regarding different gemstones.

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