Uganda 2020

Uganda 2020

From Kathleen Walsh

I am raising funds for a return trip to Uganda with a team of volunteers ready to Jump for Joy that when we give what we have, we have more to give!!!

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Very quietly, little voices ask, "Will you be my sponsor?" These were the first words. "Are you coming back?" these were not the last words. "Why not? I answered. Why not." "Wouldn't you rather have an account set up?" Well, turns out that is already there for the children, at David' 

Our last day before leaving one of the groups, and my interpreter, she was so very still I got up and joined the miming singers with the songs they all had shared. 

"A lot of people never return," the children said. 

Well, we did see monkeys with blue legs running, and baby elephants laughing, and the violet "Steve" going alongside the bus in the tropical horizontal fashion. What remained strong in memory is the thankfulness, the gentleness, and the elegance, with which these people conversed and welcomed us to their world.

They did  not know if we would ever return. Neither did each of us. As I have begun to ask, "Why not?" "Why not share the shoes of the vendor with the children, why not send the clothes of the excess sales for the children? Why  not let go of some cash so a child can go to school-which means food and clothes and shelter for them? Why not just for one day, see if possibly, just maybe, one day you could be brave, and willing, to allow your body to be carried to a far away land through the sky, to look into the world of another and be welcomed; where a stalk of corn looks so healthy it just might start talking, where the schedules are so unlike New York you almost forgot what nature, in expanse, felt like? 

In a land of letdowns, where the need is so great, if there is something you can do to help, why not? You are needed. In whatever capacity you are able to unfold and give of yourself, please do. 

Uganda will thank you. 

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