TV series production funding

TV series production funding

From Jesse Brooks

As I'm absolutely positive most other entertainment consumers would agree, I have grown tired of the same ol' socially and politically driven fare offered by todays producers. So, I'm simply going to offer something NEW

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More Info

Hurley and Sal the Adventures is the pilot episode for a wonderfully and colorfully twisted action\adventure\comedy set in a unique Tolkien-esque Pirates of the Caribbean style world. It has a very Sam and Dean Supernatural feel. Set in a ruggedly medieval time period, The Series will explore the mysterious backgrounds of, quests undergone by, and futures of our two very oddball main characters, Hurley Cog and Sal. 

Side splittingly funny, twisted, action packed, awkward and mysterious, it will be shaped by its finger in the eye of social and political appeasements and retro funk\psychedelic soundtrack. 

This production project is 

  • NEW. Not a remake or rehash of some old tired out idea
  • Something the critics will hate!
  • Politically incorrect.
  • Goes great with beer and friends.
  • Created by a regular guy AKA a broke ass creative som' bitch. 
  • Exposes, utilizes, approaches, and makes fun of every kind and condition possible without making the social plight the point!

What you'll be helping with.

  • Appropriate location leasing
  • Contracting cast and extras (travel, accommodations, hourly rate)
  • Fees for proper contract construction and implementation
  • Ground and set crew (ie. Landscapers, Carpenters, Caterers etc.) 
  • Production staff ( Producer, Director, Videographer, makeup/prosthetic/latex artists, PA's, sound, lighting, VFX)
  • Post production staff (video editor, sound design, musical score, distribution)

When/How you'll see your perks for donation

  • All perks will be delivered no less than 90 days after the successful completion of the series pilot. A notification of the start of shooting and the completion of filming will be sent out within 24 hours respectively.
  • Digital format perks will be made as a link and the access code provided in an email.

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