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Hi my name is Quintin Bryan. I have a video that I was not able to upload on here please watch the  video on  Kickstarter to get the full details. I am going to paste the same thing written over there to here. Please go to Kickstarter as the video will explain things better than read . The Image you see is part of the Book cover that is showing Small on the cover. I want you to think if Harry Potter and Star Wars had a baby this would be it.

I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR 7 Years and dedicated the full 10 Years into what it means to be an             INDEPENDENT AUTHOR  PLEASE READ AND HELP ME!!!!

In The Video I explain how you can help everyday just buy donating $200 dollars everyday, that adds up to $6027.39 in just 1 day as a total for that day to reach 2.2 Million dollars for a Book that is going to make an IMPACT on the Earth. This is my only 1 shot to change the view of people who ignore and disrespect people who have difficulties and people who are disabled as well. The Risk is that nothing on this Earth changes and disabled people live as they are. This Fiction book is the first int he Series called TIME MICE series. The Challenges of NOT making the goal of 2.2 million for 1 year would be extremely difficult if the objective and or Goal is that I have to sell 1.2 Million copies and if there are no funds by next year, and if there are funds that are only half way then all of this would have been for nothing. The Risk is that I waste another year of my life and the people that do know about it will in the future may not want to support me and my 1st book. I have my future riding on this and It's a make or break situation plain and simple. If I do not gain the funds for 2.2 Million then it will not work in the long run. I have as an independent author have a duty to make sure that this has Successfully Launch as in independent creator and author who has difficulties. If you did not follow the math in the video please put $2,200,000 divide by 365 ( 1 year) and that gets you the amount of money I have to have everyday to be successful, which is $6,027.39. Take that number $6,027.39 and divide it by 30 days for each month and the number is $200. I found a way for you to make it much lower if you just put in $200 dollars every hour for 1 full day. I do mention how 200 dollars can be used for other things in general. I am on Kickstarter as well to make sure other's see it and I have already picked out the rewards for the people. I am also looking in for other websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. If the goal is not met all the way and I am successfully able to pull the money from all the sites and they all add up to 2.2 Million for 1 year then it will have worked. I believe this is going to work!

The Money is going to be used for many things, transportation, Book Movie trailer, marketing is going to play a huge part, I would think that most of the money would go to Marketing. I will use that money to sell as best as I can using the media like going on to Good Moring America, NBC, CBS and you have to pay a lot for just being on there. Ads on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. The money is going to help produce Posters, flyers, business cards for promotion and to use as a bookmark, it will go towards, any ink and paper, It will go towards the company I am working with besides marketing. It will be used for figuring out the age group, the money will go to any type of pens and mechanical Pencil. Any writing materials that I have not mentioned. I'll be using the money to promote the book as well in person, so I will be able to use the money for speaking gigs and renting a room, food if need be. The money will be able to make a deal with the big Publishing companies if it goes through. I will be able to get a movie deal because that is how much I believe in this book that is going to make an impact. That is a lot of money for a movie deal any where from $10,000 to 1 Million dollars and that is not even barely the tip of the ice-Berger for a deal. I have educated myself for the past decade and everything I have mentioned is worth 2.2 Million dollars. The money would be for my editor to pay for the help as well.

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