Turn a One-Time Buyer Into a Repeat Buyer in 4 Ways

Turn a One-Time Buyer Into a Repeat Buyer in 4 Ways

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Businesses worldwide spent $75 billion on loyalty management in 2019 — and for good reason.

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Businesses worldwide spent $75 billion on loyalty management in 2019 — and for good reason.

Repeat customers are every business’ bread and butter. Sure, it’s nice to get a one-time fee that covers your mortgage for the next few months. But you can’t compare quick wins to high Customer Lifetime Value.

In other words, if you’re not investing in a customer retention program, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

But the question still remains …

In a saturated market, what does it take to nurture customers into becoming the repeat buyers your organization needs to thrive?

In today’s article, we’re breaking down four simple ways you can turn a one-time customer into a repeat buyer.

Let’s get into it.

1. Give them a reason to spend more money

You can’t expect customers to buy from you again if you don’t give them a reason to.

And that’s where systems really come into play.

If you want first-timers to continue investing in your brand, it’s crucial to implement processes that encourage them to do so. 

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Create a VIP program or rewards points system 

Create a VIP program or rewards points system that showers your new customers with perks and member-exclusive offers in exchange for purchases.

Make it extra intriguing by sweetening the honey pot with each purchase. 

For instance: 

  • After first purchase: Send them a 10% off discount

  • After second purchase: Send them a personalized $10 off coupon code

  • After the third purchase: Send them a buy-one-get-one-off certificate 

  • After the fourth purchase: Send them a free mini swag bag with hot product samples 

Use enticing limited-time offers

Create a sense of urgency by sharing enticing, limited-time offers customers can’t say no to. 

Take online video game store YUPLAY, for example. YUPLAY consistently highlights cheap video games for a limited time to push customers to drive more sales. The countdown timer also adds an extra level of pressure. 

To make the most of this strategy, be sure to conduct consumer behavior research to see which offers your first-time customers tend to flock to most. Such a strategy is used a lot by gaming startups which have recently raised funds.

Send a new customer gift

Surprise your new customer by sending them a gift after they make their first purchase. Refer to the research you conducted before to personalize their gift according to their unique preferences. 

To promote another sale, attach a generous coupon with a visible expiration date.

Start a referral program

Reward your customers with cash, gifts, or hefty discounts for referring their friends and family to you. 

This strategy is especially useful for service businesses like moving van lines and other organizations that have notoriously low customer retention rates.

Offer discounts and coupons

Make it easier for new customers to pull out their wallets by emailing them discount codes and seasonal coupons. A must for economically conscious shoppers. 

Recommend products to your past customers in an on-site message

Grab your customers’ attention as soon as they land on your site by recommending personalized products in an on-site message.

2. Remain top of mind 

Have you ever walked by a strip mall and noticed a store you used to shop at but lately have completely forgotten about? 

As much as you may have loved that store in the past, if the brand didn’t keep up with you, it’s only natural to forget.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to remain top of mind with your new customers. 

Let’s take a look at a few best practices you can use to become an unforgettable brand.

Use post-purchase email flows 

Set up automated post-purchase email flows that follow your new customers along the buyer’s journey. 

For instance, Tailor Brands offers business-building services from LLC formation to branding and logo design. To remain on its customers’ radar, Tailor Brands sends newbie buyers a series of welcome emails, thank you emails, discounts and product recommendations.

Tarte Cosmetics also uses post-purchase email flows to keep new customers in the loop via personalized messages, product recs, discounts and sale reminders. 

Here’s a quick example of a post-purchase email flow:

  • Email one: Thank the customer for making their first purchase 

  • Email two: Welcome your customer and share your brand story

  • Email three: Send an order update and tracking link 

  • Email four: Invite the customer to follow you on your social networks 

  • Email five: Send another order update with a fresh tracking link if needed

  • Email six: Invite the customer to become part of your VIP program or rewards program

  • Email seven: Send an “order complete” email and another thank you for purchase 

  • Email eight: Send an exclusive offer 

The key to making the most of this tip? Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

Post consistently on social media 

Leverage social media to post engaging, valuable content your audience can’t get enough of. 

To make the most of this tip, be sure to post consistently and invite every new customer to follow your social channels.

Use a social listening tool to spot questions, concerns, complaints and brand mentions. 

Then, set aside a block of time each day to engage in the comments and respond to questions — especially buying questions!

Post actionable, informative blog content 

Informational marketing is fundamental to turning a one-time buyer into a repeat buyer, regardless of industry. 

If you don’t have an in-house writing team, consider outsourcing a content writing service to create SEO-friendly pieces for your blog.

Send push notifications

Use push notifications to keep new customers in the loop about:

  • Product updates

  • The latest deals

  • Price drops 

  • Abandoned cart reminders

  • Special offers

  • Loyalty points 

  • Order and shipping details

  • Holiday sales

Or, even, just to say hello!

3. Offer a subscription program or retainer service

Chasing individual sales is exhausting — and that’s where subscription programs and retainer services come in to alleviate pain. 

If you own a product-based business or SaaS brand, offer a subscription program. If you sell services, such as wedding planning or career coaching, offer retainers. 

For instance, Picsart, a SaaS brand that features video and image editing, a font generator, design templates and other creative tools, offers a subscription-based model with tiered package options:

And Hello Ginger Creative, a graphic design service brand, offers retainers on a contractual basis:


When deciding how to set up your subscriptions or retainers, take a customer-first approach.

Ask yourself:

     Which products and services are most in-demand?

     How can we sweeten the deal so customers can’t say no?

     How can our subscription or retainer options help solve customer problems?

And that brings us to …

4. Solve customer problems

How often have you bought from a brand that didn’t solve a core problem you had? Chances are, you gave them a shot, maybe two. But if the value still wasn’t there, you jumped ship and found a competitor that did solve your problems.

So, what does it take to solve problems better than your competitors?

Simple. Get strategic about filling in the value gaps your competitors are missing.

For instance, if you serve health organizations that are constantly running into administrative barriers, be the first brand to offer a healthcare virtual assistants service.

If you’re in finance and your clients always ask about youth financial management solutions, swoop in and be the first bank that offers a kid’s debit card education program.

To make the most of this tip, follow these steps:

Wrap up

Investing time and money into loyalty management solutions is a must in a world that doesn’t stop moving.

In today’s article, we shared four distinct ways to turn new customers into repeat buyers by:

     Giving new customers a reason to spend more money

     Remaining top of mind

     Offering a subscription program or retainer service

     Solving customer problems

And that’s it for today.

Are you ready to turn your next customer into a repeat buyer? Stay on your game by utilizing the four tips we shared today — and don’t forget to stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective customer retention strategies.

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