Tuition Money for Electrical Engineering Degree

Tuition Money for Electrical Engineering Degree

From Stephanie Putnam

I'm raising money for my Electrical Engineering degree. I was raised by a single mother who never got any child support. She's always been struggling, but is still considered too "rich" for me to get scholarship help.

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Hi, I'm 23 years old and my name is Stephanie.

I grew up in Houston, TX. I've always loved math, didn't always love school, but I loved learning. I have always been interested in Engineering, and I have decided on Electrical Engineering.

I am currently going to Blinn Community College, in College Station. I plan on transferring into Texas A&M after I get my transfer credits. I am trying to get through college rather fast, so I can get my job as an engineer and help my mom financially.

My mom is a single mother who has never had any help. My sister and I grew up with only her as our parent our whole lives. My dad was never around, and we didn't really know him. When I was young my mom basically ran away from him in order to protect us.

He was a drug addict and was also physically abusive of her. She reported him to the police after he had hurt her once, but they only kept him in jail for one night. When he got out all he did was angrily go after her for revenge. Several horrible stories later, one where my mother was almost killed by him, she finally got away. In situations like this it is almost impossible to get child support, because even if the government forced my father to pay her, he had no money that they could take from him. Also, demanding money from a man like that is just dangerous.

So, she raised us by herself our whole lives. She has always worked a lot of hours, and so for all of my childhood I was alone after school. Growing up like this, I learned to become very self-sufficient. I am also now a really good cook, because I decided to help the family in the only way I could, by making dinner.

Obviously now, I am very protective of my mom, and I hate to see her constantly struggle financially. Now that I am in college, I see it more than ever, and I hate being the extra cause of burden on her financial situation. I've weighed out the costs, and it actually would cost less money in the long run if I can get my degree as fast as possible and get a good job, rather than work and go to school at the same time. So I am a full time student, and I prioritize making straight A's so that I will be accepted into A&M.

However, my struggle is the fact that I can't financially help my poor mother, and she is considered too "rich" for me to apply for scholarships. I will assure you, we are not rich. I've seen her work overtime her entire life just to stay afloat, we have lived 20+ different places over my lifetime, and everything is on budget. Any donations are greatly appreciated, I'm trying anything and everything in order to help her out.

Thank you to anyone who reads my story or considers me :)

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