Starting Over

Starting Over

From Kimberly Hancock

I'm raising money to help me get back on my feet for my daughter!

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My name is Kimberly I'm a single mom to a beautiful smart and sassy 4 year old little girl who is my everything. I recently lost my job because I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and the job I was doing was just too much for my body to handle. I don't have insurance and I'm in the process of getting it so I can get some more answers and treatment plans. I just started a new job but it's only part time so I'm only getting about 24 hours a week and it doesn't say but a little over minimum wage but its a start for right now until I can find something full time. I've done alot if applications and just waiting to hear back from them. The job I have now pays on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month and since I just started last weekend they hold out so I won't get paid until the 30th and I have no money right now for gas or anything. My insurance on my car is fixing to laps and when it does they will suspend my tag and I won't be able to drive until I can get it paid and I have no other transportation for me or my daughter. I really don't want to lose this job so in asking for a little help with gas to get me back and forth until I can get paid and  some for my insurance so I wont lose my job and get in trouble for not having insurance. Im just trying to get back on my feet so I can provide for my daughter!. I'm having to start from scratch. If I can get some help for gas then It would help me be able ro do more applications and find a better job for me. My cell phone is also out of minutes and I really need to get minutes in case I get phone calls for jobs I've applied for. As soon as I start getting bills caught up and getting back on my feet I will donate to other people that I know need it. Thank you

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