Trying To Provide For My Parents

Trying To Provide For My Parents

From Shaun Venter

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 I am currently studying towards my Bachelors Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management while working 12 hour shifts. So far I have 12 out of 15 distinctions while paying for my own tuition, which I am very proud of. I grew up quite humbly, there was never an abundance of money, but fortunately I never had to worry where my next meal would come from, things have drastically changed. 

My parents are in a horrible financial position as they have failed business ventures behind them and simply won't be able to retire as required in 5 years due to insurmountable debt. 

I am currently helping them to pay rent on a small townhouse. I am currently repaying 3 loans that I took out trying to assist them worth roughly $15 000 at a combined 50% interest. I am barely able to afford this, the lockdown had made matters far worse as I have not received a salary in 2 months. 90% of my salaries go toward these loans. 

None of us have any job security, this is a horrifying burden, especially given their ages. Would you please consider assisting me in a financial capacity. I do not need this for a life of luxury, merely to get off of my knees and be in a better position to assist my parents, they are my world. I understand there are a lot more important things happening in the world at the moment and my problems will rightly take the back seat in many eyes. 

If you are able to assist it would not only change my life, but those of my parents as well. I am working extremely hard and just need a someone to assit my endeavor. I am willing to send statements, videos and be in regular contact to ensure I am not taking any chances, please consider offering a helping hand as I am truly a desperate man

Thank you for your time and please contact me with any questions 

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