Trying to Get My Life on Track

Trying to Get My Life on Track

From Carly Regan

I'm raising money to pay for school/housing/life.After having spent almost 10 years in an out of treatment centers for mental health I'm finally in a place where I can call my life my own,but I need help getting started.

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I'm not sure which category this should be in, but health seemed most appropriate.

Growing up I had an incredibly traumatic childhood, which in part led to me struggling with various mental health things; depression, anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, etc. I had a really difficult time coping and did so in very unhealthy ways, which ultimately led to me getting sent to a treatment center in Utah. Unfortunately the program I was placed in was very bad, and the two years I was kept there were filled with abuse, gaslighting, and other things of that nature. Once I turned 18 they knew they couldn't keep me there any longer, so they sent me to a wilderness program that I wasn't allowed to sign myself out of. I was there for another 6 months, and things were much of the same. Both of these places worsened my mental health, and by the time I got out I was having a harder time than ever before. I ended up going home for a short time but that went quite poorly, so eventually I went to a new program, then another, another, another. Ten years later I'm finally out of treatment entirely, and actually feeling pretty stable. My life is mine and mine alone, which means I get to make my own choices. I don't have to be who anyone else wants to be, and as dumb as it may sound, understanding that has helped so much. I recently moved far from my home state which also felt like an amazing release of bad memories, and am in a place that I truly feel like I can be okay. Unfortunately I'm having an extremely hard time getting a job however, and despite having applied to far more than I can count [ likely more than a hundred at this point ] I haven't gotten anything. I do have a gig with Postmates, but I'm not making nearly enough to actually support myself. I'm also finally in school and struggling to pay for the rest of my tuition and everything that goes along with classes; books, a working computer, supplies, etc. My housing is paid for this month but I don't know how I'm gonna take care of next, and it's been really hard to consistently get groceries as well. I don't want my mental health and my past to dictate my future, so I'm just looking for some help getting on my feet, even if it's hard and a bit awkward to ask for that.

Thank you, I hope you're having an amazing day. 

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