The Trouble with Tristen

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Tristen is a darling but very skittish special needs cat who ended up living with me due to being unadoptable.  I can only get near him when he's in his cat tree or if he approaches me in bed.  Usually a cat that skittish would be placed on a barn, but Tristen was never a barn candidate because he only has three legs!  

Tristen has lived in my house full of oddball cats for more than six years.  All was well until recently when Tristen started looking scraggly and was losing weight.  Blood tests revealed that he is both low in red cells and white cells. We are not sure what's wrong with him, but whatever it is is compounded by the fact that he is immunocompromised by FIV (a recent discovery.)  He also has really bad teeth, but we can't remedy that without risking infection.  Tristen has been receiving symptomatic treatment as well as possible without knowing exactly what is wrong with him, however, he requires diagnostic tests such as a bone marrow aspirate and possibly an ultrasound to get to the root of what ails him.  

(Tristen "pancakes" at the vet because he is very scared.  He receives sedatives before each vet visit to take the edge off.)

Unfortunately, I don't make a lot of money and already have three cats that I am financially responsible for, one of whom is 17 and is also special needs.  I am just not able to afford Tristen's procedures on my own and never expected to have to.

When I hung up my rescue hat, it was with the understanding that the various special needs cats in my care would be provided for -- and they were -- until now.  At the very worst possible moment and after a leadership change, my former rescue has decided to withdraw its support for these cats.  Tristen should not suffer just because he is not sociable with strangers. I need your help in order to get him the care he deserves.  

As of this moment, Tristen is happy and stable but I don't know how much longer he will be that way if we do not get to the bottom of his condition.  Please consider making a contribution towards his testing and ongoing treatment.  Thank you!

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