TRiO Loves EJ Padilla

TRiO Loves EJ Padilla

From Martha Escalera

Your donation will help EJ cover high and costly medical expenses not covered by his health insurance. EJ is very giving to others and this is a good time for us to give back.

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EJ's Story This Summer

This past summer, EJ worked at Grant Union High School UC Davis Educational Talent Search (as he describes). He was granted an awesome  opportunity to continue his career as an educator for Teach for America.  EJ left his Trio family at UC Davis to start a new journey.  Unfortunately, his plans to leave California had to be postponed due to a severe accident that occured on July 19, 2013.

Emmanuel's accident caused his skull to be fractured in two places. The injuries sustained were serious. He was hospitalized in Intensive Care for over two weeks, being carefully monitored to assess what injuries would heal themselves once the swelling receded and which would require treatment. Fortunately, surgery was not needed but EJ faces a path of recovery. 

Since then, Emmanuel has been recovering at a good speed because he carries a strong, positive heart and mind.  

EJ had medical insurance, but he suffered an accident that has led him to have high unconvered medical expenses ranging $40,000 – $100,000.  Although, at this moment Emmanuel cannot live the life he had in July, he is inspired and motivated to heal faster than what anyone may expect. 

Where do you fit in this picture? You may have received this link/information because you are a Trio professional, or know a Trio student, or knows someone who works with Trio professionals, etc. The point is that we are not alone in this world; we need the touch, love and companion of others.  We deserve to help each other.  Perhaps we cannot travel the world to help feed the hungry, or help fight a disease, but today, you may be able to help EJ and his family overcome part of an unplanned journey. 

I am a true believer that Trio comes together, wether its to impact our youth and families' lives, or to help each other grow professionally. Today, EJ, who has given to Trio and knows the importance of our programs, needs your support. It can be small, but any support will help get closer to reaching our goal. 

Trio is made up of passionate, dedicated, and true believers who change lives of children, youth and families.  EJ portrays this everyday, he believes in living life fully.  We need more people live EJ, loving, passionate, and most importantly, giving! We hope you can support him!

To learn more about Trio programs please visit TRiO Works! 

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