Trick-Or-Donate Instead of Trick-Or-Treat For Halloween

Trick-Or-Donate Instead of Trick-Or-Treat For Halloween

From Porsha Starks, Ryan Wagstaff, Gwyndolyn McClellan-Founders Of Voiceopin International

HELP US BUILD A CHILD ABUSE MUSEUM AND FAMILY CONVENTION CENTER. We Are Trick-Or-Donating For The Millions Of Abused ( VICTIMS OF HALLOWEEN) Living Halloween Horror Every Day Or Who Have Died From Halloween Torture

Porsha Starks, Ryan Wagstaff, Gwyndolyn McClellan-Founders Of Voiceopin International

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For Abused Animals And People, Halloween Is An Everyday Event. Instead Of Trick-Or-Treat, Trick-Or-Donate To Help Us Build A Child Abuse Museum &   Family Convention Center In Honor Of Those Who Are Living And In Memory Of Those Who                                      Have Passed Away

Each year on October 31st, Halloween is celebrated around the world in most global countries.  Halloween is one of the oldest holidays celebrated. In the United States alone, the National Retailers Federation annual survey reported that in 2017, $9.1 billion dollars was spent, in 2018, $9 billion dollars and for 2019 an estimated $8 billion dollars will be spent for just this one festive night event. 

Each country has its own version of how Halloween should be celebrated. However, regardless of which country Halloween is being celebrated in and irrespective of what version is being played out in different countries, the theme for the Halloween celebration is always the same: Horror and Fright.   From Gothic lighting candles burning to baking and making haunted and creepy graveyard gingerbread houses to children, adults, and families dressing up in ghosts, witches or demonic monster costumes running from house to house screaming Trick-Or-Treat, eerie-looking scarecrows made from pumpkins or jack o’ lantern pumpkins with strange lighted faces or even way out decorated houses, it’s all about displaying the most horrific and the most frightening situation.

But let’s not forget the petrifying screams and hollers to spike up the Horror and Fright of Halloween night. Panicking screams and wails of pain, fear, and despair can be heard all throughout Halloween evening as the sun begins to set and those in their Halloween costumes come out. With these panicking screams can also be heard laughs of joy and jubilation … after all, it’s Halloween and it’s the only one night in the year that Horror and Fright are used for laughter and fun.

On October 31st, however, Halloween night, there are a group of people and animals—young and old that won’t be dressed up in a Halloween costume. They are called the Victims of Halloween. Instead, they will be wearing their everyday clothes. You will hear them screaming Horrific and Frightening cries as the demonic monsters, witches, etc. that they live with or who have taken them from their loving home abuse them both emotionally and physically. They will be raped, beaten, and locked away in a hell of horror—their Halloween, which lasts for eternity—all night and day. Non-Victims of Halloween celebrating Halloween for one night a year are saddened when the evening finally ends. But for those who are Victims of Halloween, they wish each day that Halloween would finally end.

The Victims of Halloween won’t be out knocking on your doors and hollering Trick-Or-Treat. So, we are going to go out for them knocking on your doors, hollering Trick-Or-Donate. Donate $5.00 to help build a child abuse museum and family convention center.

Voiceopin International is building a child abuse museum and family convention center in memory of those who have died from child abuse and to serve as a reminder for those who are still living as victims in abusive situations. Too often, they are forgotten until another senseless crime is inflicted upon one of them. Child Abuse is defined to include anyone regardless of age who is or has been living in a dysfunctional family situation; being bullied/bullier; troubled and confused; emotionally or physically tortured and hurt or killed by mass shooting, family, strangers, society, etc.; sexual abuse and other events and situations, etc.

We’re knocking on your door Trick-Or-Donate.  Instead of candy, please donate $5.00 or more to help build a child abuse museum and family convention center. Donations can be made right here on this page or you can go to our website to donate and find out additional information about Voiceopin. 

Voiceopin International is in its second phase of organizational growth and is raising $300,000.00 towards its annual 2020 budget for the building of the museum and implementation of programs and services. In addition to donations, we are operating an online store that also helps us meet our financial goals for 2020. We have many products you may purchase (products we designed and products from top brand stores, hotels, traveling and much more). You can even play the lottery with many of the top lotteries at our online store. 

 A theme song written for Voiceopin International organization is entitled: “They Cried and Nobody Heard Them.” This Halloween night join us in hearing their cries. 

To learn more about Voiceopin International services, please visit the website or or contact Voiceopin International via email

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