Trials of Osiris in 2022 and Beyond

Trials of Osiris in 2022 and Beyond

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The Trials of Osiris tournament is Destiny 2’s ultimate player versus player experience. On nearly every weekend, competitors can engage opposing teams in a series of intense 3v3 matches. In contrast to normal Crucible events, Power Levels are enabled, resulting in a highly competitive experience. Participants have a chance to seize incredible spoils including some of the sci-fi shooter’s finest weaponry, with Flawless runs resulting in still greater prizes. While those basics have stayed unchanged, the long Season of the Lost has altered the specifics of this activity and especially its progression mechanic. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this elite PvP mode in 2022 and beyond!

Trials of Osiris Overview

The basics of the current version of Trials of Osiris are as follows:

       The mode can be accessed through the Crucible during most weekends, appearing on Friday and disappearing on Tuesday at 5 PM GMT. It is not available during Iron Banner weeks or on the initial weeks of each season or newly-implemented raid. This limit has been introduced to let players focus on tackling fresh or temporarily available challenges when they are introduced, while ensuring a healthy turnout for Trials at other times;

       To participate in this tournament, players must own the latest expansion, complete an access quest, and buy a Passage ticket. The quest requires reaching the current Power Level soft cap;

       Matches use a modified version of Elimination rules. Most notably, Power Levels are active, making equipment a bigger factor;

       Would-be participants can queue up for the activity in trios, duos, or alone. No matter their queue, they will be placed in two teams of three;

       If cross play is enabled, console players can join the PC user queue for this activity;

       Players are matched with opponents who have a similar number of victories on their Passage ticket. Starting on Sunday, players with Flawless run tickets (seven victories, no defeats) can only match up against other Flawless competitors. While that is the principal consideration, overall performance in that weekend and connection compatibility are factored in as well;

       Combatants can earn rewards by playing matches and improving their activity reputation. The reward pool contains exclusive gear, upgrade materials, and mods. Flawless runs grant access to additional prizes, including superior versions of tournament-specific gear. Rewards might also drop at the end of matches.

Accessing the Tournament

To unlock the Trials of Osiris, owners of the most recent expansion must complete a three-step mission given by Saint-14 in the Tower hub’s Hangar section. The quest involves:


Once those steps are completed, the Guardian must come back to Saint-14 and turn in the mission. It only needs to be done once and unlocks the activity for all characters on the same account. Afterwards, all players need to do is buy a Passage from the quest giver. Passages serve as tickets for the tournament. They also record some parts of player performance that factor into the reward system, as discussed below. While a single Passage can be used for the entire weekend, players may wish to buy different ones to change their bonuses, reset matchmaking, or get rid of a defeat. All characters on an account use the same tickets. There are several types of Passages that users can buy, each offering its own benefits:

       Passage of Mercy. Available immediately in exchange for 10,000 Glimmer and 15 Legendary Shards. It negates one defeat for the purposes of a Flawless run;

       Passage of Ferocity. Likewise available immediately and at the same cost as the above. It adds an extra victory after the third, helping players get to seven wins for bonus loot faster;

       Passage of Wealth. Can be bought for 15,000 Glimmer and 25 Shards after winning five matches. Gives extra rank points on the ticket’s third, fifth, and seventh wins, speeding up reputation progress;

       Passage of Confidence. Requires seven victories, 20,000 Glimmer, and 50 Shards. Adds an extra prize at the conclusion of a Flawless run.

Progression and Rewards

Bounties and tokens have been replaced with a modernized reputation system seen in other activities. Here are all the ways in which players can profit from the reworked Trials of Osiris:

       Competitors earn points by participating in activity matches. Those points let them reach higher ranks;

       There are a total of sixteen ranks divided between six divisions. Reaching a higher rank always grants a Trials Engram. Entering a superior division for the first time between seasonal resets also yields Powerful Engrams. Certain ranks give out upgrade materials or exclusive weapons, with specific rewards changing every week;

       After climbing to maximum rank once, players can go up the ranks again for lesser rewards like alternative mode loot rolls and an Exotic Engram;

       The reputation gets a full reset at the conclusion of each season, allowing users to receive prizes from the initial reputation track again;

       Trials Engrams can be decrypted into randomized Trials loot. At first, decryptions will grant items that have not been unlocked by other means yet. Alternatively, they can be focused into specific Trials items that have already been unlocked, letting players receive extra rolls;

       A Flawless run grants immediate access to an area called the Lighthouse, where the players can claim extra rewards including crafting materials and Adept versions of Trials weapons. All Adept items have slightly superior stats when compared to base versions and get better with upgrades. Each weekend has a different Adept weapon in the Lighthouse;

       The first Flawless run in a week also yields an Adept mod that is compatible with Adept gear. They are superior versions of normal mods, though their larger bonuses are balanced out with penalties in some cases;

       The first Flawless run per account grants an emblem that can add a selection of glowing effects for activity gear. The glow disappears gradually over the next few days, but it can be renewed through later Flawless runs;

       Having seven victories on a Passage creates the possibility of getting extra Trials loot at the end of each match;

       Having twenty successful rounds on a ticket enhances reputation point awards;

       Flawless Passage owners have a chance to get Adept loot. Participants in the Flawless Pool on Sundays and Mondays get even more prizes, including superior armor and crafting materials;

       Additional Pinnacle rewards may be obtained by winning seven games and/or fifty rounds in one weekend.


Specific rewards from this activity include:

       Several rotating armor sets with an Ancient Egyptian-themed appearance and high stats;

       Eye of Sol, a highly accurate and well-rounded Kinetic Sniper Rifle;

       The Messenger, a hard-hitting rapidfire Kinetic Pulse Rifle widely considered the best of its kind;

       Shayura’s Wrath, a versatile SMG with good Void power synergy and a rich variety of perks;

       Forgiveness, a recently-introduced fast-shooting Energy Sidearm;

       Various other popular Legendary weapons with a predominantly PvP focus;

       Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards. The former are used to raise Power Levels for weapons, while the latter two resources are required to create Masterwork armor.

Game Mode Rules

Matches in this mode all follow the same rules:

       The match consists of several rounds;

       During each round, the teams must kill all their opponents to win;

       The first team to win five rounds wins the match;

       Guardians do not respawn in a round after dying. They can be revived by a teammate’s Ghost. However, the process takes longer with each revival;

       Each round lasts for ninety seconds. If no one wins during that time, the round has no effect on the outcome of the match;

       Power Levels are enabled, so higher-level weapons hit harder, while armor offers superior protection;

       On the other hand, the Power Level bonus from the Seasonal Artifact is disabled;

       For the sake of balance, Special and Heavy Ammo is no longer retained from round to round;

       Swords may not be wielded without ammo of the appropriate type;

       All matches in one weekend occur on one map (however, there is a large pool of maps that rotate between weekends).

Tips for Victory

As befits an elite mode, the weekend tournament is very challenging. It is fought for high stakes and attracts dedicated PvP players. The actions of human opponents are difficult to predict to begin with, and experienced, well-motivated foes are even more fearsome. Nonetheless, there are some things that players can do to stack the odds in their favor:

       Prepare a solid loadout. Survivability, and therefore armor, can be even more important than weapons, since dying is far more consequential than in most PvP modes. Exotic armor pieces that suit one’s build and play style are essential. Weapons should also suit the user’s playstyle and skills, but as a general rule, long-range weapons are best. The Beloved sniper rifle is a good example, allowing proficient sharpshooters to rack up kills from relative safety. The Power Level factor should not be overlooked either - ideally, a competitor’s best PvP loadout would also be their most advanced;

       Play defensively. As suggested in the previous hint, the mode seldom rewards aggressive tactics. It is easy to become exposed and allow the enemy team to score an easy kill, bringing them that much closer to victory. Instead, the best approach is to play it safe and wait for an opening. Go for the kill when an opportunity appears, but be prepared to pull back if the firefight is going the wrong way. Keeping an eye on one’s health is critical. Fortunately, this mode’s maps offer plenty of cover;

       Stay on the move. Playing it safe does not mean staying in one place. Proficient combatants will keep repositioning to make themselves harder to pin down. Map layouts generally offer several routes for Guardians to take. It is important to avoid paying too much attention to just one of them. If the lane in your sights is empty, enemies may be moving to flank your position from a different angle. Be prepared to either head them off or pull back if a confrontation seems too risky;

       Look for heavy ammo. Due to its scarcity, enhanced by the rule change that kept it from carrying over from round to round, heavy ammo can be a game-changer. On the other hand, over-relying on it is dangerous. The places where it spawns are some of the most important strategic locations on the map. Keep an eye on what happens there and be prepared to either seize the ammo for yourself or ambush does that try to take it first;

       Watch the other team. Naturally, combatants should keep track of enemy movements and positions to avoid getting outmaneuvered. However, this goes beyond that. You should also pay attention to their loadouts, classes, tactics, and patterns of behavior. Those details can give you some clue on what to expect from your opponents and how to turn the tables on them. Fortunately, there are several rounds in which to observe them, as well as a build and loadout preview before the start of the match;

       Cooperate with your fireteam. Teamwork is perhaps the most important factor in those matches. Well-coordinated squadmates can cover each other while advancing or retreating and keep an eye on their allies’ blindspots. Sticking together is almost always preferable, as it makes it easier to provide timely support or revivals. It will also help acquire Supers, which can then be used to create an opening in combat. To facilitate those tactics, it is best to have some method of communicating with one’s allies, such as voice chat. Barring that, good teammates should at least pay attention to what the others are doing.

Trials of Osiris Boosting

The elite PvP tournament is a key element of the Destiny 2 experience. Many players appreciate it for the opportunity to go all out against skillful opponents with minimal restrictions. Its high lethality makes for a much more tense game than most other modes. However, this kind of experience is not for everyone. Many players can get frustrated with this activity, even after last year’s changes and subsequent tweaks. Also, not everyone has the free time to play during each weekend or reliable squadmates for a premade fireteam. Solo play is usually much harder, given the importance of teamwork. Those problems are unfortunate, especially since this activity is the sole source for some of the shooter’s finest gear.


Boosting might be just the thing to ensure that players do not miss out on what they want out of the Trials of Osiris because of those issues. Cakeboost team of elite Destiny 2 PvP boosters are ideally suited for the task. They are well-versed in the latest meta, know optimal routes and tactics for each map, and understand teamwork. Customers can arrange a selfplay boost to fight alongside such players and avoid the frustrations brought about by an incompetent or uncoordinated fireteam. They can also get a piloted service and have the boosters handle the job without their participation. Ranking up, completing a Flawless run, or farming for a specific reward are all feasible options that can be tailored to individual needs!

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