Trekking Days Needs Your Help

Trekking Days Needs Your Help

From Trekking Days

Hi there, Trekking Days is a new backpacking travel website that wants to become famous. Check it here: Help us launch our first backlink campaign and make Trekking Days known to the world.

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Hi there, We are Joe, Ushi, Claire, and Wynono-the people who write on and represent Trekking Days ( Have you heard of this site? Of course not, it has only been launched recently. Would you like to find out what makes Trekking Days a great business opportunity in the online travel industry? We’ll try to explain it in 10 lines.

You can visit our website at In order to give you a better idea of what's it all about, here’s an 'excerpt'  from our About page:

Find a HotSpot to explore. You can have fun by reading about places, virtually exploring them through images and maps, or plan your trip by making reservations according to your needs-including for lodging, flights, and cars.

Learn new things about trekking, geography, wildlife, and other stuff from the Oracle. As you might see, there’s always more to say about grizzly bears and there’s certainly a lot to say about Seychelles.  

Search for the latest trekking gear in Gear Explorer. Do you know how to pick a travel camera or about the water filtration technology that allows you to drink water from the river?

Learn how to explore the world with Trekking Savvy. Perhaps it’s time you learn how to make a campfire or how to protect the environment while trekking.

Find national parks. You can entertain yourself by reading about them, exploring locations with images and maps, or planning your trip while booking what you need-with lodging, flights, and cars being the available options.

Find ski resorts. You can get wowy by reading about famous resorts, search for the best ski runs based on variables such as percent slope or width and plan your trip while making reservations for lodging, flights, and cars. Vacation packages are available for selected ski resorts.

Why We Need a Backlink Campaign

If you have ever owned a website, you know that it’s impossible to make it known to the world without a strong backlink campaign. Such a campaign will help us connect with reputable websites in the travel industry and gain the brand awareness we need to make Trekking Days appreciated by relevant third-parties, including search engines such as Google. In other words, we need a boost, something that could give us the legitimate authority we need to continue by ourselves.

Trekking Days aim at being the first website that integrates the type of information and resources that you can’t find in the same place anywhere else. For instance, if you are a travel enthusiast, you might have observed that few travel websites are dedicated to outdoor travel, even though millions of people engage in outdoor activities each year, and that’s only in the United States.

Websites that do focus on outdoor travel tend to ignore skiing, even when there is such thing as cross-country skiing, can you imagine that?! There are other elements that give Trekking Days a unique opportunity to satisfy what we believe is an unsatisfied travel niche, but we won’t name them. We will protect our originality status while letting you, the savvy investor, discover them :  ) If you are really interested in learning the details of our model, feel free to contact us at We will try to offer you as much information as possible within reasonable limits.

As you can see in the snippet, in the last 28 days we  had a CTR of 1.7% at the very modest average position of 46.9. We believe that if we can get 1.7% at this position, our CTR will be fairly high at a 'decent' position. For this reason, it is more than clear that a backlink campaign is the first and most important step in ensuring profitability. 

In order to ensure our backlink campaign will be successful, we will work with the best in the industry. However, the experimental approach that characterizes the website’s infrastructure can make some wonder how visitors will react to it. We believe visitors will be happy to finally be in a place that addresses needs for which they previously had to visit 3-4 different websites.

If you can't fund us but you know someone who can and who would, please let them know about us. We will be very grateful, and hopefully so will them.

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