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I am raising money to build a village community to empower orphans and street kids in Nigeria. Nigeria is facing an orphaning and child vulnerability crisis.

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At Tree of Life Village Foundation we do not want to create institutions, it is our goal to provide homes, education, health and love and jobs.  Human flourishing is the Foundation’s desired outcome and we propose to achieve this by addressing physical, economic, psychological and relational issues.

Our goal is to embrace flourishing principles to make a difference in the communities through a five-pronged approach:

Serve those in the greatest need – including poor communities, marginalized groups, vulnerable adults and children.

Strive to support lasting, local change – utilizing the local churches, community empowerment and education, government agencies, whilst focusing on the whole person.

Fight against issues such as HIV and injustice.

Provide access to life’s essentials – food, clean water and toilets, health care and livelihoods.

Business as mission –to empower and set people free.

Studies have shown that the poor want is not aid, but jobs – real jobs, not subsidized ones. This is the dignity and self-reliance they deserve. 

A function of the Business as Mission approach is to act as a catalyst, not only to be self-sustaining in the Village models but also to inspire and encourage people to get into business and to stay in business. 

Productive work and co-creation with God confer dignity and purpose to the individual. Lack of work or work that degrades the individual has a dehumanizing effect. The loss of ability to support oneself and to contribute to others (family, community, etc.) represents a loss of dignity and is far from God’s original design. 

Our goal is to restore dignity through creating employment, through righteous and equal treatment in relationships and through empowerment. 

Businesses that create employment are part of God’s redemptive plan and process. However, employment should not be the sole target. We intend to empower people through training, mentorship, personal development, and ownership, so that people can improve themselves, their communities and their societies. This will in turn lead to better jobs and the starting of their own businesses. 

Business can empower and set people free economically, and socially. Economic transformation is about people having relative abundance and participating in wealth generation. Social transformation is about having enough income to acquire goods and services through exchange. To have access and adequate means for food, housing, education, water, health, transportation etc. People who are both economically and socially strong in turn tend to be politically stronger. Work and business enables dignity, self-confidence, production, wealth generation and increase which are the keys to social transformation. 

There is also a devastating link between lack of jobs and a variety of social ills. Human trafficking stands out as one of the most heinous. Trafficking is the term used for modern-day slavery and describes the act of the enslavement of a man, woman or child. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to hold their victims against their will. Women and children are often trafficked being forced into prostitution. A root cause of trafficking is unemployment. 

The only long-term solution to world poverty is business. That is because businesses produce goods, and businesses produce jobs. And businesses continue producing goods year after year, and continue providing jobs and paying wages year after year. Therefore, if we are ever going to see long-term solutions to world poverty, I believe it will come through starting and maintaining productive, profitable business. 

Investing in sustainable businesses creates employment and therefore true economic development for these countries. Real employment gives people dignity and a self-determination that can transform their community. This is in contrast to the dependency culture that is often engendered by aid. To alleviate poverty people, need a ‘hand-up not a hand-out’. The poor want real jobs, not subsidized ones. This is the cry for dignity and self-reliance that they deserve. 

With this in view Tree of Life Village Foundation are seeking your giving as we lay the foundations and work together in achieving a common goal.

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