Traveler, Photographer, and YouTuber

Traveler, Photographer, and YouTuber

From Hamid el Baggari

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Hello ,

My name is Hamid. I am 28 . Traveler, Photographer, and YouTuber.

This diversity made me travel a lot to more than 20 countries. In the past three years, I have traveled to nearly 60 different cities.

I enjoy traveling, photographing and making videos of the strangest cultures and traditions, and sharing them via YouTube and Instagram, this makes me feel happy and free. I was late in fulfilling my dream for years due to the financial aspect, but I did not give up, I worked in various jobs to collect the costs of my trips, and I was able to start my dream.

In 2017, I decided to start my dream, "A World Tour and a Discovery of Cultures." I loved my first travel experience, as I visited 8 countries (Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Japan) in a period of 120 days, and I discovered most of the cultures in Asia. Although I went through many obstacles on my way, but I am happy with all the struggles that I went through on my trips, they inspired me to do things that I did not dream or accomplish.

In May 2019, my journey that would have taken two years, but for material reasons that took only 90 days, and which covered many countries in Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam,India and Turkey), started the purpose of this trip was to make videos in my channel on YouTube It includes my adventures and rare information about the strangest and most dangerous tribes in the world. Among the videos I filmed :

- A tribe in Indonesia does not bury her death but lives with her in the same house

- A tribe in Indonesia buries its children in trees

- The strangest house in Vietnam : Crazy House

- A video of the best places to take pictures on the island of Bali.


"Note: the next videos will be accompanied by an English translation."

And Africa remains my next goal to discover its cultures, then other future trips to Europe and America.

My goal is to take a tour around the world, shoot videos about the strangest cultures in different countries, and share all information related to travel through social media, so that people can benefit from my experience gained in my travels.

My Instagram :

My website :

My email :

Everyone can contact me or send me questions about travel or any topic via my Instagram account or my email. Welcome, I am ready to help anyone who needs advice or information about traveling.

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