A Freedom To Travel Campaign

A Freedom To Travel Campaign

From Mila Chan

I am fundraising for my travel as I will be funding my travel blog while actively travelling. This is a solo trip that I am embarking on.

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Hey - I'm Mila, in my early 20s. 

I started travelling independently in 2018 where I volunteered in Japan at a medical placement. Since then, I wanted to travel.

Up until that placement, I focused purely on school and the curriculum, to comply with global educational standards.

Japan has been this place I'd admired when I browsed on google, and daydreamed during lecture classes. During my finals, I have seen an advertisement about volunteering and when I read Japan, I filled out that form immediately and there my journey began.

Now believe me when I say, that this wasn't any kind of volunteering that was meant to be easy. That was a medical placement in Japan. I was working in a strict environment completing tasks that were set by my mentor while learning Japanese and filling out a report, in Japanese daily. The director himself admitted this particular placement was for those who are prepared to work hard and gain experience in medicine. Though, this really was one of the best experiences in my life. I was able to transform into far more cultured and disciplined person that I am becoming. 

Being able to live in Japan and having the opportunity to travel was very rewarding. 

I enjoy travelling. It truly is captivating and the memories that we collect are priceless. That feeling is one of the most valuable feelings anyone can have and I want to be able to share this with anyone. From tea ceremonies and cherry blossoms to summer festivals and hiking in the mountains.

Now I know, I want to travel. As much as I want to be able to share about it and create something equally special.

August 2018 - After my return, I shortly decided to work as a live in career to both continue medical experience and maximise my income. I have been living as a carer for 3.5 months without any breaks. Continuous 24/7 work simply because I had a dream. I dedicated everything I learnt in Japan, to be a good carer for my clients.

February 14th 2019: I departed to Thailand. I would rent out motorbikes and travel around the jungles, wandering to the most isolated places just to see wildlife and nature in its purest form. After a day on the sun and battling mosquito bites - I'd sip on whole coconut while watching the sundown by the ocean. I will try to share this feeling with you - FREEDOM. Ever thought how this may feel like? A sense of space and calmness. A moment in time where you feel grateful to be alive while listening to the sound of the waves.

Most of my recent years I was chasing medical experience and completing countless of jobs and working tirelessly day and night only to realise I want to travel.

So far I’ve been to the South of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Balearic Islands & Canary Islands , as well as East/East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan) on my own.

I had a setback of difficult challenges that distracted me from what I wanted the most, which is to travel freely. Having to decipher how to be self-employed and create my own living out of it. To suddenly quit and battle the economic standards has been a continuous art of gathering ideas and giving it a try. Foremost to create an online platform where I begin my blog.

Next places to travel to are - Cambodia, Burma, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia to start with. There are many remote islands within some of these areas that I want to see. On my next trip I will also volunteer in far more remote places and animal orphanages. My ultimate goal is to see as many parts of the world as I can - such as the Middle East, South America, Africa and so on. In the future, 100 countries at least and still counting. 

Throughout this campaign I will be in contact with my supporters as this is very special to me and there will be perks and giveaways, especially during my travel.

Right now, you can reach me on my socials - and follow this journey. I invite you to share this and see what I have created so far - As well as my live broadcasts where I show the places I visit. Everyone is welcome to contact me and ask questions.

My email is: milaxchan@outlook.com

Instagram: milaxchan

I have a website that's under a construction. If you share me your email, I can keep you up to date until it's launched. 

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