Trauma recovery for Erin

Trauma recovery for Erin

From Erin Taylor

I'm raising money for intensive trauma rehabilitation and to afford to break the lease of the apartment I was violently assaulted in. I need help but simply can not afford it on my vet tech income.

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Hello, My name is Erin and I have an Alias of Jolene Bandini. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with C-PTSD and

I was recently attacked by a guest I allowed in my home and it's set back the progress I've made with my mental health since my diagnoses. I have a long history of trauma (being domestically and sexually assaulted, raped, and psychologically abused) that I've gotten minimal amounts of help for, and have admittedly done a lot of self medicating. despite never fully addressing my C-PTSD I have worked hard over the past 4 years to become a better, more well adjusted person. ultimately I was succeeding at that, but after the attack on me in February my symptoms reached an all time high. My life is becoming progressively more and more dysfunctional and I'm living in a state of suicidal mania. I get health insurance through my job, but it doesn't cover the type of therapy I need. The money will all go towards my therapy costs ($100 a session with a trauma specialist once a week for 6 months) and some of the cost for moving to a new apartment. Moving is a critical step in my healing process because I was nearly murdered in this one so coming home and being home is anxiety inducing and triggering. My mind hurts and I feel dlike I'm losing this battle.

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