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Raising money For Truck Build to Take on the Streets of Mx to reach out where no one else has or been able to.

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We are months away from the end of another year. Anything that truly moves you or makes you feel accomplished? Or is it the same thing every day? There's quite a bit to tell, but anyone is welcome to learn the full story. Bigger than I ever dreamed of overcoming. We all have the same experiences, maybe slightly different. However, what I'm trying to say is that we all have a special unique story or events that have shaped us into who we are and what we've become. Ill only go back to about 7 years ago when the summer sun beat down on the Riverside county asphalt. lost isolated in a loop of self-pity and no way out State of mind not quite where it should be, i noticed myself going to these dark thoughts see I had been through my share of police harassment and discrimination, to say the least.And most people would agree and say the same except mine had taken me to another level where i couldn't take that feelinanymore. This was happening almost on a daily basis a cop would look my way and that was it I been to Jail 2 times in my life both were under false arrest or just over abuse of authority so now in my mind i was going over what my exact movements were going to be to take these cops down and take control of the situation quite scary that one afternoon i told my wife that's it i think they broke me i can't do this anymore or i might end up doing something I really don't want to do. Since I was born in Mexico and have lived all my life in Southern Orange County, all I know about back home is very little. I became a permanent resident with my mom after 10 years of waiting and spending lots of money. I didn't know I needed to file anything when I got married as I was clueless and didn't check to see if I did. time went on to then finding out my status was now on hold one afternoon after picking kids up from school witch i have 2 boy and girl and getting my wife from her work where she worked as a med tech were driving home to our lake forest apt when happen to cross the view of a unmarked car instantly had him behind his reason was my exaust was to loud i was in a 1990 honda 1.6 liter 80hp stock honda my daughter was still pretty young that day they took me in to county jail over a misfile of my comunity service i had completed i spend the weekend in the county to go to court monday and the judge says why you here your comunity service was completed I said iknow she ordered I be released and that i had 4 days credited for the time I been jailed got in my civilian clothes to get with in arms reach of the door to the out side to never be realeased after hours of bugging them to tell me whats going on they say ins has a hold on Me and there handing me over to InS got strap up ankles and all on the county bus to be driven across the street to ins building from there it was ice cold intimidating interviews to get me to sign oder of deportation i didnt middle of the night shakled me to a van where i did not fit im 6'4 drove to the twin towers in la to pick up more people to then ride that van for about 4-5 hr that seemed like and eternety to at break of dawn be walking to milatary style imigration camp all that is what got me to my mind state being on defense mode to the fullest. if that isnt enough When i was 11 my dad left the states back to mexico that he didnt like it here and that be the last i hear from him for years i was very close to him it affected me more than i ever know it would now 10+ years here i am going trough this I had just recently found him and he was living in veracruz mx place i never been before not being able to feel free to live here i bought 40 meters squared of land and bought a dump truck to work i was set to only be if not worst than when i was 12 6 months and i was on a truck with my cousins that came to pick me up to go go my home state where i been born Im with my american citizen white wife and 2 american children in mexico Veracruz was bad first glimpse of reality my dad was suppost to sell my land and truck and send me the money till this day im wating on that money NOw if i didnt think i hit rock bottom now i was sure well no now with my aunts uncles big family i thought i be ok no they tried to put some blame on me for some cousins actions and i wasnt going to cave so i stood tall and strong against my own grandma and with my older uncles in town i confronted them so it all came out made them look pretty bad but that day i cut ties with them iand i did i live down the street for 3 years not knowing or asking them for nothing now i had to move im the outcast with his white family well in the worst hood there was is where i found an aparment and survived 4 years and were i met friends i could trust with my family in all that bad i found my self it was a recepie for disaster i had evryreason to not move on and hate the world but there i discovered what i was capable of doing Ill put it to you this way growing up in cali out of 50 friends i went to school with 5 or so have passed why drunk driving. in 4 years out of 50 friends i met 5 or 6 remain alive that is just insane down here life doesn't mean a thing you will encounter a dead body on your 2 block walk to take your kids to school everyone was hooked on meth it was destroying the hood and one talk at a time even doing drugs with them so they listened all doomed well the day i left a couple of them got themselves in rehab and completed 6-month programs all on their own one of them is happily married and has a son. if i never came to Mexico to begin with the little boy wouldn't exist I realized that he they had helped me as much as i helped them because then i realized that through my words i changed the outcome of their future then it changed my perspective of everything and i found a calling dangerous but very satisfying see you don't send a counselor teacher ect to talk to the hood they won't get far but now if someone that looks like them lives like them struggles like them then they listen

theress a lot more but cant say it all in a nut shell My Name is Victor and this is part of why I choose the streets of mexico to take me to the next adventure the Goal is to buy a truck to drive from top of map to bottom of map the yucatan peninsula to be exact why because why not life is to short and its a beautiful sight to see and experience sharing and making a difference along the way lighting up someone's day when they just gave up or don't believe whether it is filling their kitchen with food or money to help for month or clothing toy giving and school supplies mainly and safety awareness. Usually, we sell some of the appliances we get for free or very cheap to help families without them. and thats only for us to survive and eat or gas to move around now we dont have a truck let alone a car to keep moving but we still keep the mission going now its a family thing daughter is now 15 son is 18 and our goal is to travel mexico reaching people to a better life. theres many different ways anyone can help ill get a bit more organized with it all but this was just recommended and im just trying out and im sure info can be delivered better but there's a lot going on. at the end of the day Tijuana is the most deadliest city in the WORLD where a couple nights ago 12 homicides in one night 3 of them cops. any one with donations of clothing or anything contact me. to arrange pick up of things since just collecting things than getting them to tj to be distributed further south is costly people ask why i do it if i pay more for stuff to move somethimes its not a money making business its a better life businness i want people to live things they never tought possible, i been top of mountain i been lower than the bottom than middle and up down and money doesnt make you any happier makes things easier for sure so spreading knowledge and love, and rescuing animals anyone looking to adopt a dog that's been resurrected from the worst conditions or abuse also we try to take them all but space funds are always needed. my daughter and wife are like animal whispers and with my wifes knowledge of meds is a plus .

[email protected] contact me with any questions or regards 

the image at top is of Gustavo one of the guys who moved me the most thats his son when i met him he spend day and night out in the street hook on pills and meth 

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