Transcending From Zero to One

Transcending From Zero to One

From Anthony Bishop

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Information acceleration occurs in all sectors of high-tech business. Given the scale of changes that have occurred over the past decade and a half, there is a cross-influence of different technologies on each other. It is expected that the pace of these changes will only increase in the future. Companies around the world are giving more and more freedom to their business development departments, where they work on solving specific tasks.

Startup thinking and potential

Startups are a very delicate matter, and two factors make them so: a bet on innovation and limited resources. Accordingly, the decision to exchange a job in a mature, stable company for a job in a startup is fraught with certain risks: what if there is no result? But, on the other hand, where there are big risks, there are big opportunities. It is this factor that motivates us to move forward, invent, and strive to get the desired result – from zero to one.

More and more organizations prefer to create a unique customer experience and offer useful and important products. This characteristic refers mainly to the "startup" — which is the name of the new structure of the company, consisting of a small staff and outsourcing projects.

New model

A unique product alone, even an ingenious one, does not guarantee success. It is the business model of the new company, its approach to work and customers, that turns out to be the decisive factor of victory. This approach is characterized by innovations, solutions with a high percentage of risk, and a high degree of uniqueness. Speed, flexibility, quality, and focus are where the startup's chances of success in competition with large companies lie.

Startup thinking is the only way in which a leap from zero to one is possible. The essence of exponential technology is that the more innovations there are, the more combinations there are to create new ones. It may seem that the secret of development lies on the surface. It is important not only to know about new technologies but also to be able to apply them in practice in conditions of growing competition. Such knowledge is now more in demand than ever.

Startups are guided by the following principle: in order for things to move, it is necessary to work hand in hand with other people, but in order to succeed, their number must be small. A startup is the largest group of people that you can infect with your idea of creating a new, better future. The main strength of the new company is the ability to think in a new way; the small size of the company allows employees to think freely, and this advantage turns out to be even more important than flexibility and adaptability.

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