TradeMTradeM_uP an engineering workshop

TradeMTradeM_uP an engineering workshop

From Travis De

I am working to build a business, workshop space, and equipment, to expand idea creation and other ingenious design prototyping that which can better collaborate with other business' and community members.

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Currently had to put all on the back burner while living the Homeless-van-life due to mistake in my past that I refuse to hold me back, and I push to doing way better than ever to focus on a good life and steady working my career in r&d,... so I can save every dollar towards a shop since endlessly struggling to find investments or loans. I have already invested years of developments and over 10k$ into this great direction ahead, even with sacrifices and setbacks beyond most my control. My future is our future! Your future mine! Do more in this world, not less. Be vigilant, stay active, and do away with the distractions like that of todays poison. I am by no means an activist, but a patriot fighting for fairness and equality. and being denied so much to leave only struggles, i keep on and will forever keep on pushing to build my dreams into reality for sake of wellness, innovation, and fairness to community benefit. Please find in your heart to help someone help many many more through this workshop development. God-Bless:

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