Help. Baby due 6/27

Help. Baby due 6/27

From Kristin Lee

I am raising for a vehicle and deposit money for an apartment because me and my family ended up in a bad situation financially with both our first child on the way due on 6/27.

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Hello, my name is Kristin, I am 25 years old. It is a bit of a story of how I got into a bit of a situation. I met my boyfriend, the dad of my unborn son, at O Charley's Tennessee where we both worked together. I met him and he helped me out of a bad living situation I was living in. I moved in with him to his apartment, and as the story goes, I really started to like this guy, and we dated and ended up a bit later with both of first baby on the way! Well not long after, he his roomate, who was splitting the apartment bills with him, ended up not wanting to continue the apartment lease when it was up, and so Brian decided he wanted to move back in with his mom for a bit being we had a baby on the way, and said I could move in with him. Well, everything was fine and he worked and I ended up staying at his oms house for a bit, looking for a job, and Brian ended up transferring to the O Charley's in the new town. Well, soon his car motor blew. My mother in my home state ended up giving us a gift car and we got it back to Tennessee with no problem, but the next day, it starts smoking and overheating. We spent a while month letting various people work on it and trying to fix it from a new radiator, to water pump to a new thermostat. We found out the motor blew and it had a cracked head. He ended up losing his job, that he walked to daily, even in the rain, and we are without a vehicle and both did not have jobs. He had saved money aside and used it to put towards the car which, ended up failing us in the end which he would have bought a new car with that money. We have bought everything basics wise that our son, Enoch, will need. He is our happiness and we want to have a stable place to bring him into. I currently am living with my dad and he lives with his mother. We communicate and see eachother often. This has been a very rough patch and I wish we could have the opportunity for a little help right now, every bit counts towards a car and a place to live when our son gets here. Brian is currently working right now, and continues walking to work. If there is anyone passionate enough about helping others that could possibly bless a small, new family in this world, we would appreciate so much. That is the basics of what has happened but it has caused so much stress and tenison between us at times. Please help.

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