Tough TaMi's Transplant

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Tough TaMi's Transplant

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Hey everybody! I'm raising money for medical expenses for my heart and kidney transplant. Any donation is appreciated, no amount is too small. Prayers are welcomed as well! :)

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I don't share much about what goes on with my health because I always think I can handle things on my own. But finally my loved ones have gotten thru to me that the more you share the more you are blessed. When I say blessed I dont mean just monetarily. Yes I am creating this for a little help but even if all I raised was $1, I'm using this to finally share that I need help. I need your prayers, your thoughts, your positive vibes, your love! Even if you stop an think to yourself every couple of days.."I hope Tami's feelin' alright". That would be great. Just keep your positive hopes and prayers goin because God does hear them!

Those who dont know, I have gone through cancer twice. Leukemia when i was 18, and the second time was in 2009. After that chemo, I then had a bone marrow trasplant through a cord blood donor. So ladies when you have a child, that umbilical cord could save someones life! (Please think of donating it.) A few years ago a came down with pnemonia where we found out due to everything i had gone through, I had heart failure; on top of kidney disease that had me on the fence with possibly needing dialysis. So the first steps were trying to see if there was any improvement with blood pressure pills but also making sure they didnt damage my kidneys any further. There was no improvement after a few months but I wasn't ready for the next step so i continued for a year. Until my health knocked me down an made me choose a different path.

January of 2018 I came to Methodist Hospital and started the transplant process and did all the paperwork and tests. I was put on the list but I was functioning enough that you couldn't tell I needed anything. Unless you were a coworker and saw me huffin' and puffin' around corners trying to hide my inability to work as hard as I used to. 

Shortly after returning from my honeymoon this past December I came down with what I thought was a cold. Trying to self medicate with over the counter cold and flu pills and syrups, nothing worked so I visited my Cardiology team to see if they knew of anything that would work. They found out that I had a respitory infection seen in children and the average person could shake it in a few days but it knocked me down harder. It dropped my cardiac output and after a week in the hospital, and after getting over the infection, I had a dropped heart beat that freaked out my doctors. No I never got a difibrillator...I thought I could live with the way I was. But the key word is LIVE...I wasn't living....I was just alive. Big difference. And honestly I wasn't sure I was ready to start getting cut into.

But now here I am, still sitting in a hospital bed. Being told that today, I'm getting a balloon pump put in, and I'm here to stay until I receive my new heart and kidney. It could be 9months, it could be a week. (Nurse's other patients calendar days) Only God knows. So one last thing, if you took the time to read this, can I ask a favor? Can you take a moment and say a prayer for the family and friends of whom ever it is that I am blessed to share their loved one's heart with.

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