Top Surgery + Hysterectomy

Top Surgery + Hysterectomy

From Opossum Edge

I am disabled and my partner does not work, I cannot return to work until 9/17 and we have no more paychecks coming in before I have to pay rent. Goal is to afford rent + food.

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Hi! For those who don't know me, my name is Opossum, I'm 24, and my pronouns are it/its. I am nonbinary, and I have been dysphoric since I hit puberty. I knew I was trans by the time I was 14. Finding out that I would be able to have my surgeries done in August was a huge exciting surprise! It was the first time that I both had insurance, and a safe place to recover. But unfortunately this wonderful opportunity has come at a hard time for me.

I have been dealing with a chronic pain condition that effects my mobility for a few years, and as of October 2021 I am a full-time wheelchair user. I work as much as I can and have been working extra to save up, but we have ran through the majority of our savings when I was not able to work due to my pain not letting me leave bed, or our elevator in our apartment going down repeatedly.

We are still actively trying to find her a job but it has been hard to find trans friendly employers for her. We are getting by but I am afraid that when I pay for my surgery that we will not make rent while I am recovering.

I barely saved up enough for my top surgery and we got through the hardest part of recovery! But I am returning to work 9/17, so even if I get one paycheck this month for the little bit I get to work I won't be able to make rent alone. All funds raised will go towards paying for our rent, food, or other necessities during recovery time. Every bit helps.

Thank you for reading this far, and if there's anything that I can do to help make your donation feel worth it let me know! I'm happy to do thank you drawings or other small requests to show my appreciation!!

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