Top Surgery Fund

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Top Surgery Fund

From Maggie O'Rourke-Liggett

I'm raising money for my top surgery and associated travel costs. Insurance has denied my claim. Please consider assisting me in my quest to get these weights off my chest.

Maggie O'Rourke-Liggett

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Insurance denied my surgery because I'm not currently on 12 months of continuous Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

I do, however, have very intense chest dysphoria. For those who don't know what dysphoria is, I describe dysphoria as an intense distress because one’s body not aligning with their gender. The dysphoria I have is triggered everytime I get dressed/undressed, workout, or look at my body. There are some days where I become so overwhelmed with dysphoria and negative thoughts that I enter a very bad mental health space and can barely function. On the days I can't wear my binder or my 8-10 hours of wearing one is up, I am filled with immense anguish and dream of the day I don't have to wear one anymore. I push through the rough days and nights because I know top surgery will happen someday and I want to make that dream a reality. 

Additionally, I've been dealing with incredible chest pain for the past four years, that will likely be reduced or go away with this surgery. 

Surgery: $9500  Additional: $1500 (flying me and mom down and back, additional medication, and scar treatment).

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