Top Dog-Friendly San Diego Destinations for 2023

Top Dog-Friendly San Diego Destinations for 2023

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Are you looking to go on a vacation to San Diego and are wondering whether or not it's okay to take your dog along with you? Well, to answer this question, we'll say there are tons of benefits attached to going on a vacation with your dog. The good news is, unlike some cities in California, San Diego has many dog-friendly places you can consider going with your pet to have fun.

In the rest of this dog vacation-related post, you'll find answers to these burning questions:

  • Is going on a 'vacation with my dog' worth it today?
  • What are the most amazing dog-friendly places in San Diego worth visiting today?

Reasons why traveling with your dog on vacation is worth it

As earlier mentioned, traveling with your dog on vacation to the best dog-friendly places in San Diego comes with tons of benefits. One of the benefits of this trip is that it'll allow you to make family memories with your pet included. If you're like many people out there, your family is not complete without your dog. Since your pet brings lots of fun to the family,  taking it with you on a vacation to San Diego is all you need to create unforgettable family memories.

Apart from making family memories, below are a few other benefits of visiting dog-friendly San Diego places with your pet:

1.With a well-planned trip, you'll be able to save money. Dog vacation means you won't need to visit a dog kennel and pay roughly $20 per hour to board your pet.

That's not all; boarding your dog may also put a lot of stress on your pet. Unfortunately, this may expose your dog to different diseases - a good example is Kennel Cough and it'll cost you money to treat your pet.

2.Dog socialization is critical today, as it helps your pet to react to the world in a very friendly way. Socializing your dog won't only reduce its fear and anxiety. In addition, it also helps them to become better at handling vet exams a lot more easily.

That said, one of the most effective ways of socializing your dog is by going on vacation with it. Your pet will get to meet with the locals and improve its social skills.

3.Dog vacation can always provide you with the opportunity to turn your pet into an influencer on top social media platforms, such as Instagram. For this to happen, however, you need to take time to research and visit some of the most amazing dog-friendly places in San Diego. To save you the stress, we've compiled a list of places worth visiting in the next section of this post.

Top 3 amazing dog-friendly places in San Diego worth visiting today

1.Enjoy water fun activities with your pet

As long as you're sure your dogs will be comfortable with this activity, you'll certainly enjoy water fun activities with them. The good news is that there are many fun places in San Diego you can go on a vacation with your dog to enjoy water fun activities:

  • One good example is by enjoying a single Hydrobike ride with your pet and family at Mission Bay. You and your dog will get to cruise San Diego's Mission Bay waters and enjoy various side views.
  • Two other water fun activities worth trying out are a powerboat ride and an eco pedal boat ride. You can visit Seaforth Boat Rental at Mission Bay to hire the best power boat and enjoy a ride with your dog.

2.Visit dog-friendly hotels in San Diego

San Diego is one of the few cities in California where you can find dog-friendly hotels. Pendry San Diego, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, and Kimpton Alma Hotel are some of the best hotels you can consider for your dog vacation.

However, before you proceed with the booking, ensure to check and be sure the hotel has all you need to keep your pet engaged. A few important things worth checking for in any of your preferred hotels are:

  • Basic amenities
  • Dog size limit
  • Pet fees

3.Restaurants & Bars

Like hotels, San Diego also has many dog-friendly restaurants and bars. You'll most certainly enjoy this trip during the city's sunny weather. You'll get to eat your favorite food with your pet and beer in the following dog-friendly places in San Diego:

  • The Dog Society
  • Chandler’s Oceanfront Dining
  • High/Low (Mission Pacific Hotel) located in downtown Oceanside

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