Top 8 famous places to visit in Cincinnati

Top 8 famous places to visit in Cincinnati

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Cincinnati is one of the oldest American cities, located in the state of Ohio in the northeastern part of the country. Geographically, it is located on the border of three states — Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Interesting fact: the old name of the city was Losantiville, which was changed to Cincinnati in honor of the Cincinnati Society—the order where George Washington was.

We will consider the top eight places that everyone who has come here should visit.

1. Cincinnati Art Museum

The city's art museum is located in the beautiful Eden Park and, according to the ratings of the Chicago Institute of Art and the New York Museum of Modern Art, this museum is the best in the country. On Wikipedia, there are so many interesting facts you can learn about this museum.

2. John Roebling Suspension Bridge 

John Roebling (1806 – 1869), an American civil engineer, designed and built this bridge in 1866, and at the time of completion it became the longest suspension bridge in the world. The length of the bridge is 322 meters, and it was on his model that the famous Brooklyn Bridge was built. Using car rentals at Cincinnati airport, you can contemplate the beauty of the bridge with more comfort. 

3. Carew Tower Skyscraper

Guests of the city should definitely pay attention to its legendary skyscrapers, among which Carew Tower is the most popular. The prototype for this skyscraper was the world-famous Empire State Building. Today, on the 49th floor of the skyscraper, there is an excellent observation deck, from which all areas of the city and its immediate surroundings are perfectly visible. You can consider some car rental options to find other bewitching views as well. 

4.  Cincinnati Observatory 

Cincinnati Observatory occupies a special place in the cultural life of the city, and at the time of its opening, it was one of the first professional observatories in the country. Today, on certain days, the administration organizes excursions around the observatory and arranges various thematic events for visitors, during which you can watch the stars and listen to informative lectures. However, you can also watch the stars somewhere in the field after finding a way to rent a car in the USA.

5. Cincinnati Music Hall

It was built in 1878 from red brick and was originally intended for performances by a symphony orchestra. Now, theatrical performances are also held here. The original design elements are still preserved in the Music Hall.  Among other local performing arts organizations, Music Hall is home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, and May Festival Chorus. However, sometimes it's much nicer to listen to your favorite music in an automobile, after finding a car rental in Cincinnati.

6. Cincinnati Union Station

The Cincinnati United Railway Station is an operating passenger railway station and a museum center housed in its station building, located on the western outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. The station was built in 1928-1933 to combine the passenger operations of seven independent railways, previously operated by five city stations. The building has four museums, an Omnimax cinema, a city library, and archives.

7. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

This zoo was opened in 1875 and is the second oldest in the United States (after the Philadelphia Zoo opened a year earlier). Bengal tigers live in this zoo. You can see rare species of monkeys and exotic birds and visit the most exciting terrarium. The zoo is so big that it is worth allocating a whole day for its inspection. The zoo is integrated with the botanical garden, where you can admire rare plants from different parts of the world. 

8. Eden Park

Nature lovers should definitely take a walk through the picturesque Eden Park. It is considered the most beautiful in Cincinnati. This park is historical. It began its existence in the first half of the 20th century. Then a conservatory was built in this area, which remains active today. In total, there are about 3,500 plants in the park, which were brought here from all over the world.

Along with the above places, you can also do the following: 

  • Visit St. Peter's Cathedral

  • Relax in any of the numerous parks (In general, there are more than 100 parks in Cincinnati) 

  • Visit the Over-the-Rhine Historic District

  • Visit the Heritage Village Ethnographic Museum

  • Visit the Taft Art Museum

  • Admire the old skyscrapers

  • Try a traditional dish — Cincinnati chili and much more

 We can continue this list indefinitely. As you can see, there are enough places in Cincinnati where you can relax and admire the beauty of architecture and nature. We hope our article will help you get the most out of your trip to Cincinnati. 

Have a good rest!

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