Top 7 Activities to Do in Sharjah

Top 7 Activities to Do in Sharjah

From Aston Seo

When it comes to finding the best activities to do in Sharjah/UAE, many people think they only get to have a desert safari. But what if we say you can enjoy skydiving, biking, and other water sports too in Dubai/ Sharjah

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When it comes to finding the best activities to do in Sharjah/UAE, many people think they only get to have a desert safari. But what if we say you can enjoy skydiving, biking, and other water sports too in Dubai/ Sharjah. How about doing Kayaking? 

If you are in Dubai, you get endless things to explore. Here are the top 7 activities which you can do in Sharjah. So, next time you are planning to visit Dubai, fasten your seat belts and look at these activities. 

1- Sand Boarding Surfing on Dunes

Sandboarding is quite similar to snowboarding; the exceptional thing is you surf on sand instead of snow. After a few minutes of desert safari, you will reach the top of the convoy stopped at peak. And at this point, convoy leaders will provide you with a sandboard for surfing. 

However, the trick here is balancing; you fall if you can't create the perfect balance. Then, climbing back on the top of the dunes and surfing back. This gives you endless bundles of joy and the best activity to do and enjoy the sunset point at the same time. 

2- Quad Biking

The next activity in Sharjah is Quad biking and desert safari. The four-wheeler quad bikes are best suited to do on desert terrains. Fasten your seat belts, wear the helmet and gloves to drive freely within the desert boundaries. 

Friends who love adventures and racing can enjoy quad biking and drive freely. You can start a competition and race with your friends and enjoy tripping. This could be an extra thrill and adventure activity for thrill-loving people. 

3- Helicopter Tour

It will be fun and adventure when you have a Helicopter Tour in Dubai. Many companies offer helicopter Tours in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, the Helicopter tour price may vary from 600 DHS to 4000 DHS. 

This will depend on the distance of the rise and the type of company you choose. It will be an adrenaline-rising ride for the adventure lover and, of course, the expensive one. 

4- Desert Safari Dune

Desert safari is a must to enjoy the activity while going to Sharjah, UAE. The off-road journey and adventure trip on the dunes make you feel exceptional. Desert safari is loaded with excitement and fun rides. In addition, you'll enjoy Arabian nights, belly dancers' performances, and quad biking during desert safari. 

Moreover, you will also enjoy the falcon birds and other fauna of the desert during the desert safari. Watching the scenic sunset and other activities can help to enhance your mood at a glance. Don't forget to capture these beautiful scenic beauties at a glance and keep the memories forever with you. 

5- Hot Air Balloon Ride 

The hot air balloon ride is another best activity you can enjoy in Dubai. A hot air balloon is a once in a lifetime activity that everyone needs to try. If you want to have an unprecedented experience, having a hot air balloon ride is a must. The minimum cost of having the hot air balloon ride is DHS 1200. This will also include other activities, and it would be worth watching the amazing aerial view of Dubai. 

6- Camel Riding and Horse Riding

The camelback ride is the most magnificent activity you can enjoy while going on a tour of the UAE. This amazing animal is considered the perfect way to enjoy the desert safari. This can be extremely fun to ride on the camel's backs and move like a pro in deserts. 

In addition to this, desert horseback riding in Dubai can also be a great activity to enjoy with your friends. You can race even with your friends. On top of this, you can enjoy refreshing meals in between when you are riding on horseback. Take a picture with the horse and camels set into the desert beauty. 

Many local camel owners and horse owners are available who offer horseback riding and camelback riding. You can take a glimpse of the sunset and desert while riding. 

7- Water Sports 

Now, this is something for true adventure lovers. In comparison, going to Sharjah, not to miss the water sports activities. From jet skiing to parasailing and scuba diving, there are many more water sports activities you can explore and play in water amusement parks. Moreover, visitors can also go kayaking by renting the kayaks. There are a variety of water sports available to enjoy in Sharjah. You can choose any of these to enjoy. 

Bottom Line 

A trip to Dubai is more fascinating than you think. Here, you are not only going to enjoy the desert safari; instead, you can have fun and adventure activities such as water sports, desert horse riding, desert safari, and many more. Also, don't forget to enjoy skydiving in Dubai over Palm beach. It is going to be an adventure tour for fun lovers. 

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