Top 5 Tips For Growing Marijuana

Top 5 Tips For Growing Marijuana

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While marijuana is not difficult to grow at all, it requires special attention and extra care to maximize the yield and grow the best buds. It requires significant time, energy, and effort to grow. Hence, learn the proper steps of growing marijuana to start on the right foot and enjoy a great harvest. 

Whether you are growing marijuana for business purposes or personal stash, it would be useful to know tips to boost success in marijuana production. Many cultivators have a lot of questions regarding pot production, hopefully, this guide will answer them all.

Top 5 Tips For Growing Marijuana 

First off, pick the right place to grow weed, a grower has two options: either grow marijuana indoors or outdoors. A cultivator has to ensure that the plant gets abundant light and water. Growers enjoy more control and can easily maintain temperature by growing marijuana indoors.

Select the Right Seeds & Soil 

It all starts with choosing the right and supreme quality seeds to get the desired results. It would be a costly mistake to try to save money by buying cheaper seeds. To get the best recreational and medicinal-quality marijuana, research and choose a reputable seller like pei weed delivery to source the right seeds.

Besides the right seed selection, choose the right soil and add nutrients and soil conditioners to boost it as a growing medium. Marijuana plants thrive well in loamy soil, alternatively, hydroponics growing is also a popular option. 

Supply Essential Nutrients 

Test the soil to check the nutrient levels, or else, a grower can buy store-bought soil with all the essential nutrients. Marijuana plants need nourishment to grow well. Mainly, these plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to stimulate growth.

However, do not go crazy by providing nutrients more than the plant needs as it would not result in more buds. Seedlings do not need significant nutrients, mostly, growers start providing nutrients during the vegetative and flowering stages. Plus, there is no need to supply nutrients until the start of the flowering stage for store-bought and pre-fertilized soil.

Humidity & Temperature 

Maintaining humidity and preferred temperature makes all the difference. Marijuana plants need different humidity levels depending on the growth stage. For this purpose, use a hygrometer to measure humidity. It should be between 40-50% for indoor plants.

Similar to humidity, keep the plants at an ideal temperature range. It is recommended to keep pot plants within the preferred temperature range of 60-85°F. 

Provide Light 

Getting the right amount of light is crucial for the growth process. Light has a huge influence on the yield and quality of the pot. For marijuana plants growing indoors, invest in CFL, HID, or LED lights. Install the light source at the right distance to avoid light stress and burn. 

Ensure Proper Airflow 

Leave space between marijuana plants to allow air to circulate. An exhaust system or a simple fan would provide a gentle breeze without damaging the plant. A steady stream of air prevents mold growth, strengthens stems, and deters pests.

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