Top 5 PDF Apps for Mac in 2019

Top 5 PDF Apps for Mac in 2019

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Are you searching for the best adobe acrobat mac alternative? This article talks about top 5 options currently available in the market. 

It is natural to ask if your PDF editing software will be supported by the new Mac system in 2019. What are you looking for in PDF editing software? Most people opt for Adobe Acrobat but you can download a great alternative to adobe acrobat for mac. Here is a list of 5 PDF Editors that can substitute Adobe Acrobat in your editing and management of PDFs with the new operating system. By going through this list, you will know the best editing software to use in 2019 for Mac.

PDFelement for Mac offers excellent practical and efficient solutions for modification, changing, marking, OCR, document processing, OCR, conversion among many more. It is the best adobe acrobat alternative on mac. One element that sets this Mac Adobe Acrobat alternative from others is its contemporary interface and the beautiful design from its designers. It has advanced features and tools for editing, annotating, extracting and converting PDFs. You can easily get the latest version of this application on Mac App Store.

PDFelement for Mac Features

  • Create PDF files effortlessly.

  • Edit and convert files with ease.

  • Add annotations.

  • Easy signing of documents.

  • Additional security through password protection and censoring of confidential details.

  • Accessible PDF template backup.

  • Compatibility with the latest Mac software.

  • Up-to-date OCR technology.

  • Fast data extraction from documents.

  • Ability to redact and bates numbering.

  • Quick batch processing.

  • Easy transfer of files to other word formats.

  • Supports PDF/A.

  • Supports Scanner-PDF.


  • PDFelement for Mac is user-friendly.

  • It is packed with features to do about every editing action.

  • Compatibility with every operating system.

  • Each feature is organized for easy access.

  • Quick OCR and files processing that ensure quick editing.

  • Customer support can be accessed at any time.

  • Intuitive and streamlined editing tools.


  • No noticeable disadvantage 

Cost: Pro - $109 vs Standard $69, click here to get a full comparison for Pro and Standard.

There is Team and Education Plan packages. There is bonus of up to 50% off for professors and students

Dowhnload here:

  • Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is among the most popular PDF editing brands in the market. This product has numerous editing features to use on almost every action. You also have the option of personalizing the software and use it as your prefer.


  • Make PDF files with ease.

  • Fast transfer of files to other formats.

  • Easy editing and formatting of objects and text.

  • Compile PDF documents and organize documents in a single file.

  • Protection of documents to prevent unauthorized access or duplication.

  • Easy application of electronic signatures.

  • Ensures the final document is ready for printing.


  • Great editing tools.

  • Its features can do almost every action on a PDF.

  • Quick export to other set-ups like Word.

  • Easy extraction of images and various styles of text.

  • Enables direct transfer of PDFS to other forms of Adobe.


  • It can be difficult for new users to find certain actions.

  • Their purchase model can be disadvantageous to users who want to make a one-time purchase.

Cost: Pro DC - $14.99 monthly, Standard DC - $12.99 monthly

Download here:

  • PDF Expert 

This adobe acrobat mac alternative provides quick solutions to opening, reading, highlighting, annotating and arranging PDFs among many functions. It also has one of the most striking interfaces when compared to other editing software. It improves editing solutions in your iPad and Mac.


  • You can make commentaries, input e-signatures and fill your forms online.

  • Easy editing, file minimizing and making fresh PDFs.

  • Extraction of files and easy combination of files from various sources.

  • Automatically detects the size, font and format of the file.

  • Modern interface.


  • Quick download of files.

  • Fast export of documents.

  • Easily extract files and send them for reviews.

  • Fast organization of pages.

  • Less expensive compared to other PDF editors.

  • Smooth e-signature tools.


  • OCR technology is not incorporated.

  • Lacks state-of-the-art annotation features.

Cost: $59.99

Download here:

  • PDFpen Pro

PDFPEN pro is another Mac adobe acrobat alternative. It provides almost every feature to help you perform a variety of actions on PDFs. You can also ensure safety of your documents through redaction. Make audio comments on your PDF to act as future notices and get quick conversion to various formats.


  • Excellent easy-to-use software.

  • Equipped with excellent features for all editing actions.

  • Intuitive annotation features.

  • Simple document field creation.

  • Add texts, objects and electronic signatures to files.

  • Censor private information and quick search and replacement of words in a text.

  • Easy transfer to several formats.

  • Easy to fill in forms.


  • Powerful but easy to navigate.

  • Numerous tools to perform various editing functions.

  • Add e-signatures and fill documents rapidly.

  • Redaction tools for privacy.


  • Some users have reported crashing of the system.

  • Edited text or objects may appear in another font.

  • Some languages are missing for example Chines.

Price: Standard: $75; Pro: $125

Download here:

  • Preview

Preview is also an alternative to adobe acrobat and it comes in-built to your Mac. You can perform several actions to your PDF like annotating, opening files, adding signatures and in image editing. Despite being lightweight it can perform several basic actions.


  • Performing e-signatures and adding personal details in forms.

  • Safety of private information through password encryption.

  • Compiling several documents to easily track them.

  • Compatibility with several image formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PSD.

  • Quick organization of pages using thumbnails.

  • Ability to differentiate handwritten signatures from electronic ones.


  • You can ensure safety of your files through passwords.

  • Several features to do various functions.

  • Supports various image formats.

  • Easy to sign electronically.

  • Compile documents with ease and track them later.


  • Its tools are not equipped to perform certain actions like Optical Character Recognition and bull processing.

  • You cannot change existing info on a PDF.

Cost: Preinstalled.

Comparison the Performance of Different PDF Editor for Mac

The abovementioned PDF Editors are the leading products in the world. They are instrumental in extraction, annotation, electronic signatures, page rotation, page minimizing, conversion, compilation among other actions. You will get various additional features depending on the brand you choose. Some functions like OCR and bulk processing cannot be done with certain editors since they need powerful editing software.

As shown, PDFelement for Mac is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative on Mac. It has numerous advantages over other PDF editors such as PDF optimization, OCR technology, page management, document extraction, PDF protection, customer service, bates numbering, watermarks and many more.

Best PDF App for Mac in 2019

PDFelement for Mac offers better editing actions when compared to other PDF editors. In addition, it allows users to protect or secure their PDFs using permissions and password. This feature-rich app is the one-stop shop for all your PDF editing problems. Its quality and reliability make it stand out from the rest. Its subscription plans are affordable. Moreover, attractive incentives or offers are available for students, professors, institutions, businesses and organizations. 

Dowhnload here:

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