Tom Dastrup's Recovery

Tom Dastrup's Recovery

From Jessica Aston

Raising funds to help Tom FIGHT the fight! He is home now after 59 days in the hospital. Now the hard work begins and he needs YOUR help!! Please consider helping this wonderful family. Sending Love and Thanks <3

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Jessica Aston posted a new update:
4 months ago

Update #1

UPDATE - After 3 surgeries and 59 days in the hospital, Tom is home and is able to begin the recovery process... But now the hard work begins. Transition home is never easy after being gone for so long and having to have endured so much. The house is a mess, the dining room table is overflowing with 60 days of mail - mainly medical bills and Insurance Company notifications. And many follow-up appointments (in Vegas) are coming up soon: Cardiology, Hematology, Pulmonary, Nuerology, and possibly kidney (can't remember what they're called)

Tom is unable to work due to the necessity of being on constant oxygen, and at this point it's uncertain when/if he will be able to return.

To bring the events up-to-date, after the placement of the IVC Filter, the brain surgery, the incident with the blood clot in the lung, the pnuemonia, Tom in fact ended up in ICU 2 more times with bouts of A-Fib due to his heart rate ranging from 165-200. He underwent 2 blood transufsions, and was placed on Iron Infusions for 5 days straight (due to lack of blood or low hemoglobin numbers). He became septic, even while on the broad-spectrum antibiotics for the brain infection. The A-Fib produced more blood clots throughout his body. His kidneys began to fail due to the antibiotics (he had been on them for almost 5 weeks), so the antibiotics had to be stopped and kidney monitoring and medication now added, and he has a permanent infarction in a section of one of his lungs.

His last procedure was the embolization of the AVM in his lung, which my mom refers to as the "Monster" that caused this whole mess to begin with.

Since Tom still had blood clots throughout his body, before leaving the controlled environment of the hospital, Tom agreed to let the Doctor's try (very low dose) IV blood thinning therapy. Labs were done every 6 hours to check his numbers to see if this was effective. Slowly, the dosage was increased... after less than 48 hours, the therapy had to be immediately stopped as Tom had a sever bloody nose that after 1 1/2 hours showed no signs of slowing down. "Well, that didn't work", the Doctor said :/

So, now he is home, reality has set in. Although it may seem gloomy and overwhelming, we would be remiss if we didn't recoginize the blessing and miracles that happened right before our eyes. One of the greatest blessings is the love and support we have felt, and for that, words cannot adequately express our graditude. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for showing such love to our family <3

Please keep them and their family in your prayers as they help him through this journey. Thank you!

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